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Was Aaron Hernandez about that life though?

Hi my name is Nagurski.  I'm a racist.  Please resume enjoying this discussion about Aaron Hernandez while I spend time crying during my ban for using a racial slur.

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Anybody else feel hella old?

..The last Chappelle's Show episode (on tv) was 8 years ago. ..Beg for Mercy was released 11 years ago. ..DMX was last seen relevant 13 years ago. Im only 23 too.

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Hurricane Issac Vol. Niggas dun swim

So hows bad it is it in Louisiana/Mississippi? Anybody planning on looting shit?

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How the fuck do you hit 9 people when someone is like less than 10 feet away?[Embed content]

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Denim for Large Quads

So the other day I blew out my crotch from my favorite pairs of jeans trying to climb into my coworkers jeep. I figure that this can be a great opportunity to jump in on the Selvage Denim bandwagon because I always liked the fades. My only problem is that because I have large thighs (23-24 inch across and continue growing) its kinda tough to find decent jeans that fit good and look good. Any Brands or types of jeans I should look for? If none then can someone direct me to jeans that incorporate spandex into it. Thanks. [Image]

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