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Kanye West Bapes

They said they recently canceled them because theyre fucking played out fugly customs.

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YO DONT RIP ME OFf FoR NIKEs again !!!!!!!

LOL, if some kid scammed me for some nike's as well, and even worse, HEAT. I'll kill him just like they did.

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What is the hardest video game you have ever played

WTF Mortal Kombat SNES.

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how to prononce

I say dye-or

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Who's on that beatbox game?

Just wonderin. For me been about 1 month, still getting into it. Doing a couple covers like the 4 Elements, and some other ones that are simple.

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What's big in your city?

Hayward, CA. Stussy Vans Dunks Jordans(VERY WELL SEEN) Kids these days with bandanas on there neck LRG Levi's New Era A's and SF Hats Huf Clothing A few heads got on Dissizit, Orisue. Scifen is making it's way, like all of a sudden random people popping out with it. Comes to show who follows the trend.

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New Backpack

That one brand I think it's FOX or something. It's a snowboard/offroad brand I saw since they advertise skiing,snowboarding, and offroad fury type of things. But they look pretty good for skating.

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opinion plz!!!

Wear 501's. Take your EXACT size, and maybe buy the size up or two. Then tuck it inside the tongue. Voila, a renew look.

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[Imaginary Foundation] 2007 Discussion Thread

IF is all I wear aha. I got the Parallel Universe, Feed Your Head, and Think Globally. Getting Pop Pencil, Suitcase, and restocked Tools shirt.

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Best Late Night Snack


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Dunks [B]Nike NY Dunk[/B] [B]Size 12 Pretty beat up, creases, dirt. But still fashionable. Does not come in original box BIN:30 shipped $80 retail online Will trade for a pair of dunks your choice in size 10. PM for questions or wanting to buy Paypal ONLY[/B] [Image]

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What's in your closet??

shirts-Imaginary Foundation, Enyce, Blank Tee's jeans-Levi's kicks-Nike, Vans hats-SF Hats

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Goin to filipines need help!!

There's a lot of casual wear like polo, jeans, and adidas. Like others, yes a lot of lacoste.

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The only thing that's dead is your face. It'll never be dead, Sparta.

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Official: What Nikes Are These Thread


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