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[Soapbox] New Line 2012

[URL] Soapbox is definitely a brand that exudes quality and originality, all hand made in the UK and all designs are illustrated from an original sketch. I love the brand for its original concepts and innovative packaging methods. Defo one to check out!

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Cool documentary I was involved in about production and how to elevate, create, and hone your craft. http://www.louisden.com/bcd ORDER NOW! SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!! ASPECT ONE // HOUSESHOES // !LLMIND // J.BIZNESS // KELAKOVSKI // KHRYSIS // MR THING // MYKE FORTE // NATIVE INSTRUMENTS // RHETTMATIC // SAMIYAM // SUFF DADDY We're mad excited to bring you the third and biggest instalment of the #BCD series yet! This time we've packed a DVD full of in-depth interviews, studio tours, production tips/techniques, producer insights and banging beats. Also included with the DVD is a BEAT TAPE with beats from all the producers involved.

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Soap-Box | Cool Brand out of the UK

Hey guys came across this brand out of the UK, clothes are dope especially the Varsity JKT's They seem to hand make most of there clothes and all in the UK too. Its good to see that not all brands out source their production in Asia. Anyway heres a link to some of there stuff. www.soapboxclothing.co.uk www.twitter.com/soapboxworld.com www.facebook.com/soapboxworld

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