Mishka Presents The Death Adders Fantasy Hockey League!

[Image] I thought this might be fun to do and open it up to all of you who were interested. It can be brand/customer bonding! So I've started a Mishka run [I]Death Adders Fantasy Hockey League (DAFHL)[/I] and I invite you to join! [B]I

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Mishka 4 Day Online Spring Cleaning Sale! February 6th-10th

[Image] Nothing is as precious as space in NYC, and we need some badly! Spring product is just a few weeks away and we have to make room for it and you guys get to reap the rewards of that! For the next 4 days we'll be [b]drastically reducing prices[/b] on whatever stock we have left to get it out of here and onto your back! After those 4 days we're off to Magic and you can kiss goodbye to this stuff forever. Now that we've actually been able to do some real inventory, many of you will be pleasantly surprised by what's back in stock! We managed to dig up [b]long sold out[/b] Death Adders, Society of the Snakes, Terror Bears, Moscow '91s, Die Youngs, etc, etc! And yes we even have some of those coveted size smalls back in stock! But everything is in limited quantity, so if you want something head over to the Collection tab on our site above and act fast. [b]NO INTERNATIONAL ORDERS! ANY INTERNATIONAL ORDER PLACED WILL BE CANCELED.[/b] I'm sorry but we just can't handle doing international orders right now. Any International customers can feel free to email us at [email]sales@mishkanyc.com[/email] and we can take your requests on a case by case basis. [b]SALE ENDS THIS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10th![/b]

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