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Resume Writing for the HB fam

I see a lot of talk on the forums about how to get paid, obtaining jobs, careers, money making, etc. and a lot of times the resume is never mentioned.  Company recruiters are bombarded with thousands of resumes a week and over 50% of those resumes are never looked over by human eyes simply because they have dead giveaway traits for disqualification; primarily ones that are too long. Recruiters have a system of making their workload lighter by eliminating bad resumes off of highly visible resume errors.  I can get you passed the recruiter and into the interview.

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Feedback: MVRCUS

Please leave feedback on communication, shipping and receiving, quality of product sold and item arriving as promised in pictures.

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Unexplainable but true.

Date: 6/6/2012 What: Car windows left rolled down, but not by me. The Timeline: ~5:00 Got home from school, started online review material. I drive a coupe, only 2 windows operate. Car windows rolled up ~7:00 Hailstorm starts, quarter sized hail in some parts ~7:30 After hailstorm, conduct damage assessment, no damage. Car windows still up. ~8:00 My guy Doug stops by to catch the end of the OKC/SA game, Doug does body work and repair. On his way in Doug inspects top of car for damage, see's none. No mention or recollection of Windows being down. ~9:30 Doug departs. No recollection of windows being down (my car is parked right outside my door, so a pass must be made in order to leave) ~9:45 My affiliate stops by to pick up a pack. No recollection of windows being down ~9:50 My affiliate departs 10:03 Affiliate calls; "Hey I noticed your car windows were down when I was leaving". Initial thought; hail broke a window or something to that effect. 10:05 Step outside, both car windows are down the same distance (about 3/4 rolled down) First thought was, "oh shit I left the windows down" I get to the car inspect the car for water damage, car is completely dry (the parking lot is still flooded from the massive rainfall.) Second thought "these windows weren't down during any part of the storm because I would have noticed when I initially came to check for hail damage." Now I'm stuck about what happened, and I cannot come up with any logical explanation to the occurrence. Key facts: 09 Challenger does not have operational window functions unless the key is in the ignition and turned 45*. At no point in time from 7:30 to occurrence time (~9:30-9:50) did I ever open my car. My keys were in my pocket the whole time I've been home. Possible Explanations: Lightning strike: Proposed theory: Lightning could have struck the car causing a momentary electrical surge of power, and the windows rolled down due to adverse effect of electricity on the fuse box. Rebuttal: The main windows of the apartment all look out onto the street where I am parked, all windows had the blinds drawn wide open and window was cracked (we enjoy fresh air during rain), During the entire course of the storm was there ever a flash bright enough or a thunder loud enough to support the idea that lightning struck less than 25 feet from my living room window, more or less my car. Also, both windows were rolled down to same height, nearly exact from the naked eye. I can prove the windows weren't down during the storm or the hour following the storm (when Doug arrived) meaning lightning could not be the cause because the storm had been over for nearly an hour and the skies were mostly clear. Ignorance theory: Between me and 3 friends, all 3 say there are two reasonable explanations, the lightning theory or I just left the windows down on some dumbo shit. Rebuttal: I never left the confides of my apartment after the initial damage check at ~7:30, my keys never left my pocket, which in turn means, they too were in the confides of my apartment since ~7:30. Henceforth I did not roll the windows down at anytime. Even if I left my doors unlocked, nothing was taken from inside of the car, no forced entry marks, no wet feet marks on the mats, no trace of anyone tampering, the in dash unit gets finger marked up relatively easy, there were no signs of an attempt to remove the unit. All valuable items accounted for, to include ray-ban sunglasses, about 12 quarters, my amp and box, my CD's. If the intent was not theft why would anyone get in my car just to leave the windows down after the storm? No bullshit story, and I'm interested in theories or possible explanations, on what could have happened; or add your own unexplainable story... gonna maintain surveillance for a few more hours

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s/o Military/Prior service

[Image] air force 07-11 McGuire AFB Al Udeid Qatar Balad AB Iraq Kabul AB Afghanistan s/o to all the warriors in uniform

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How ya’ll feel about CSF vol. bouta blow

One of my favorite young groups, they just had their first album drop this month, detroit revolutions, they had great turnouts at sxsw, just real smooth listening... let me know how ya'll feeling about these mc's. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWKLuwR_bFw&feature=relmfu check clearsoulforces.com for more info

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Keep an eye out for this one! ”the taiwanese pride”

http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhe3B1P98936U8j4U9 Jeremy Lin, true point guard, and an ill one at that.. will he last? discuss.

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Did HB make you an asshole?

I've always been outspoken and opinionated, but after some of the battles in the o/t forums, i felt more equipped to be an asshole.. I've felt more obligated to be an asshole to normal people and even more so to people who think they're crushin game but aren't.... after analyzing my bitch ass attitude to the common norm, I've realized that it is all rooted to the HB o/t forums... i like what ive become... hopefully i dont get jumped. POMN (product of my network)

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MOPARS in Colorado?

Any mopars in the colorado springs/denver area?!

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