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Official Shingeki No Kyojin Thread (SPOILING = INFRACTION)

This thread will have spoilers in the manga so watch out now!! soo the colossal titan wasnt who i expected to be att all lol. I thought that itd be the dad.

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Nike Footscape Free

i haven't seen many people with these before so idk much about em, i like them though. anyone have experience with these? they look cozy as hell [Image]

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Co-op Games

kinda like Till Death To Us Part's thread, but I'm looking for good 2-4 multiplayer games for any console. Old school or new school idc mane i just want more games to play with da homies.

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delete this

sold 10char

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A. [Image] edit:: why don't the polls work?

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Anyone have experience with Zespy pants from I Love Ugly?

They're low-crotch pants and they look so comfortable. Anyone have a pair? [Image]

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Kawashima’s Celica.

[Image] [Embed content] More info: http://noriyaro.com/?p=8777 DISCUSS.

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Paid Dues.

Who's going?

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