Visvim in Europe?

Hideout , The Glade , Slamjam

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OFFICIAL - Post Your Collections Thread

Chukkas [Image]

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Simpsons x Vans

[Quote] This seller told me he could get me the Kaws in size 11 for $250 shipped and that I was to bid that price on them and that he would close the auction and send me an invoice . I bid on them , he then sent me a message saying thanks for bidding his auction up and that he was gonna let it roll . Fucking prick

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questiona bout Bape Reversible Kaws Tee

Its al good man , the reversible tees have the face side of the tag on both sides

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[Quote] He charges 10% , not unreasonable I think

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Yes , Juno is fantastic smokeyface

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Yep they legit 100%

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how do bape tees, milo tees fit?

I measure 37 inch chest and a medium is just fine if thats any help

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Rep where your from!

Brighton UK

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