How many people on here fuck w dressing like this

Superfutures wdywt is like an actual superfuture half of these niggas look like theyve been to the future or are in the matrix taking fit pics. When you wear all black and oversized shit with boots and the all the zippers do you jus chill with people dressed like you what happens if your in a foreground where the shit just doesnt match like if your walking in grass and the suns out idk. What kind of reactions do you get dressing like a post apocolyptic high fashun ninja? What about the females? Dont get me wrong I think the shits kind of cool But does it affect how you live at all like i imagine it would?

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Popping Oxys Wwjd

I had surgery on my jaw today I'm usually good with pain, but this is crazy. I feel like a bitch cause I cant get through the pain without poppin shit. What I'm wondering is should I really be taking these pain meds man I had friends started taking these thangs under the same circumstances and they became robot jones for years of their life. Every Monday they on queue for their suboxin drop. I dont wanna be like that, Is it worth it?

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