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[MOTIVATION] - 2013 Official Discussion Thread

Brand Website: [URL] Twitter/Instagram: @mtvtn Here is a look at our Summer 2013 'Battle Tested' line, which releases next Friday July 12th online and at our stockists worldwide. The lookbook was shot in Detroit and features hip hop artist Boldy James. [Image]

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[Motivation] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread


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[Motivation] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread

We at Motivation opened the doors to our retail location in 2007, opened our online store in 2008, and last year launched our full in-house brand and started selling it in select other boutiques. Since we are located right on the University of Michigan's campus, most of our designs, themes, and inspirations come from and revolve around college life. Tying back to college, the theme of our Spring 2011 collection is glorifying the cheaters of the world (in a cheat to get ahead sense, not on your girl -- although take it how you will!) and those who do whatever it takes to get ahead in life. We just released Delivery 1 of Spring 2011 last week and it consists of crewnecks, pullovers, zip hoodies, and a few snapbacks. It is now available in-store, online, and at a select number of our stockists. Hit me up if you have any questions and you can also connect with us here: Online Site: [URL].

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[Rocksmith Tokyo] - 2008 Discussion Thread

Their winter line was dope and I think 2008 will be a real big year for Rocksmith, based on what Ive seen. Check out the preview video at [URL]

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Mick Boogie & Dj Benzi - Motivation Mixtape (Free D/L)

So its finally here - co-branding at its finest - the Motivation mixtape mixed by Mick Boogie & Dj Benzi! Its hosted by hypeman extraordinaire Fatman Scoop and is a tight party mix full of exclusive blends, remixes, refixes, and more....because you can't listen to early 90s and underground hip hop everday LOL. Check the tracklist out below and theres a link to download the CD (as one big MP3) below that! For more info, check our blog at [URL] Mick Boogie & Dj Benzi - Motivation (Hosted by Fatman Scoop) Presented by Urb Magazine The biggest release of 2008 has already arrived with this jam packed megamix from industry leaders Mick Boogie & Benzi presented by URB Magazine. Motivation has been months in the making and finally came together with the addition of the one and only club king, Fatman Scoop. The Crooklyn Clan legend is along for hosting duties while Mick Boogie & Benzi go back and forth in the mix flawlessly blending their favorite club joints of the moment. This mix is guaranteed to get you motivated to party and also serves as motivation to up and coming DJs to keep practicing! Grab the free download now and look for free hard copies at all of Mick Boogie & Benzi

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