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Jpn denim post on the main page

[URL] Its a pretty interesting (or I should say not boring enough for me to stop early) video they have. Around 4:16 they goto some place where people basically quick distress jeans. They hang them up, sand them slowly over time, use custom made solutions, etc. Everything is done by hand, etc etc. This reminded me 100% of a thread that I can't find. Basically a guy wanted to quick distress his jeans and posted about it. He did everything that I saw in this video except for the custom solution. He was laughed at beyond belief for the outcome and the very concept of doing it... although in all honesty his jeans looked like 90% of the WDYWT thread. I posted something like, "I bet if your favorite company did this you guys would be saying they were innovators and this is why you pay $400 a pair, because they're innovating in the field". Everyone replied with, "no no" of course. Now I'm curious. I know alot of people idolize and love jpn denim. Is the concept of distressing your jeans still the # sign of a tool? Is it still lame? Does it still show a lack of knowledge and respect about denim?

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Orisue's Denim (Aoi & Ronin)

Did any grab a pair from the first Fall drop? They have the look and i've been going for but i'm looking for first hand experience. No stores in my state carry their denim so I can't try it on. Is the "classic fit" kinda of loose or is tight? In the look book it seems like its loose but I got fooled by some hundreds denim so I'm hesitant to just go by that alone.

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Luna Lovegood Chuck Taylor All Stars

At the end of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the character Luna Lovegood finds her shoes hanging from the ceiling. I couldn't help but notice that they were a most wondrous pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars that I had never seen before. Does anyone know if these shoes are available to the public? Not the actual prop, but an actual release. I'd post a picture but I theres not an easy and legal way to get one.

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