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Top 3 Gundam Series

[Quote] Swap Wing for Gundam 00 and this is my list. To me, 00 is like Wing except the battles are way better and you're missing the psycho Dorothy chick who wanted to end war by showing the world the most tragic and devastating war so that nobody would ever consider it again. I think Gundam 00 has an organization that embodies, that but they don't idolize war the way that she did. If war was a person, she'd deep throat, swallow and die for it.

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Favorite RPG Games Of All Time

#1 Knights of the Old Republic #2 Mass Effect #3 Chrono Trigger (I love any game with team up attacks) #4 Golden Sun #5 KOTOR2... although I think the gameplay is ass, the story and dialog was enough to keep me interested.

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Worst movie you've ever seen in theaters?

Pooty Tang... the only time in my entire life that I paid for a movie and walked out. LOL @ Hard Candy being a classic. Not a bad movie, but nowhere near even great. Its like soft core torture porn with a "message" so people can be like, "I'm intelligent and on the cutting edge because I like this movie." It was too slick for its own good imo.

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Kanye needs to just come all the way out of the closet

You want him to come out the closet so you can hop even further on his dick and make even more threads dedicated to him.

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Top Ten songs you are listening to these days.

Jay Electronica - Exhibit A Lil Wayne - Yes ft Pharrell Gorillaz - Broken Teriyaki Boyz - Work That Wisin Y Yandel - Tu Cuerpo Me Llama 5 spots goto my last beats and the artist I work with (shameless plug = [URL]).

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[Orisue] - 2009 Discussion Thread

Quick question, do the Jasper Classic and Ronin Classic have the same fit as the Jungle Classic denim? On a side note and a bit old, but I just got some gray jungles a few weeks back and I looooooooooove them even more than my black ones. You guys should do some more colors of those.

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Mixing Brands

Ehh, I don't think it matters unless your clothes are plastered with huge logos. Then it looks Nascar.

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Thrift Stores

[Quote] Thats actually the primary reason I goto thrift stores. My best "finds" have been like 1000 records a working Sega CD, and a gold edition Legend of Zelda NES cartridge. I copped some dress shoes for like $5 one time though.

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Do nikes run small?

They all fit the same to me. Blazers, Dunks, Forces, Vandals, SB versions... maybe I have miracle feet, but an 11 is my perfect size for that and like every other shoe i've ever purchased in my life. Since my feet stopped growing of course.

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POST YOUR FITS (when wearing vans HALF CABS) here! plz

This is off topic, but why do some of y'all blur your face when you take photos? If you hate being photographed, then why do you take pictures of yourself? Or is it, "my life will crumble if someone sees me looking fresh"... which seems totally ass backwards to me.

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(Shoes) how many are u stacking

Around 20-30. It would be 50-60 but my house got broken into about 2 years ago and I lost like 18 pairs. Like 7 of them were Nike ID so it was a major loss for those alone.

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Sb Laces on Half Cabs?

You can get "SB" laces for like $2.99 at Foot Locker. Just buy some and try it out. Its not like you're gonna break the bank.

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Jordan 16's

16 > 2 Fact

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Jpn denim post on the main page

He sanded for fades... they used a custom formula for fades. He ironed in wallet wear... they ironed in cigarette box wear. Those are the major differences. Who is to say KingSized wasn't artistic? He thought of the idea himself at worked hands-on with the jeans to create a custom pair that he liked. They do the same thing except for profit, which i'd think people would say lessens the idea of them doing it as art. *note, i'm not bashing KingSized or the people in that video. Its just that in my mind I knew that as soon as someone more popular/respected did it, the beasts would jump on it and that it would instantly change from being lame, gay, and disrespectful to the culture to being innovative, creative and artistic.

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Jpn denim post on the main page

[URL] Its a pretty interesting (or I should say not boring enough for me to stop early) video they have. Around 4:16 they goto some place where people basically quick distress jeans. They hang them up, sand them slowly over time, use custom made solutions, etc. Everything is done by hand, etc etc. This reminded me 100% of a thread that I can't find. Basically a guy wanted to quick distress his jeans and posted about it. He did everything that I saw in this video except for the custom solution. He was laughed at beyond belief for the outcome and the very concept of doing it... although in all honesty his jeans looked like 90% of the WDYWT thread. I posted something like, "I bet if your favorite company did this you guys would be saying they were innovators and this is why you pay $400 a pair, because they're innovating in the field". Everyone replied with, "no no" of course. Now I'm curious. I know alot of people idolize and love jpn denim. Is the concept of distressing your jeans still the # sign of a tool? Is it still lame? Does it still show a lack of knowledge and respect about denim?

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