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Am i the only person that thinks the powerbook G4 is a fresher

So i am having numerous battles with people about how fresh the macbook pro is over the powerbook g4. I know that im not they only one

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ipod audio qutestion

Is it possible to create a eq on intunes then transfer it to the ipod so it uses my created eq?

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anyone graduating Undergrad or Grad school in 08'?

What are your plans after graduation?. Don't forget to mention the name of your school.

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360's Winning Eleven

This is one of the most difficult games I have ever played in my life. Maybe its because I didn't play soccer growing up, but I enjoy the sport. Can anyone shed light on how to control to ball, and stratagies for the game....I stayed up playing the game for 10 hours straight and I suck! But im so into it!

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Trend setting watches

It's the little things to me that set a persons fashion apart from another. I really love watches because they show how much a persons attention to detail is. What watches are in your collection

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College degree

I am currently a junior in college and my major is accounting. The reason for me majoring in accounting has nothing to do with love, it has to do more with the pay and number of opportunities. I am really open to where my degree takes me. What I am wondering is what types of jobs does an accounting degree get you?

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Audi a4 vs. infiniti g35 coupe vs. anyother car

I am graduating from college in 08 and those are three cars that I am looking at. I am starting to fall in love with the A4 just because there are not a lot of people in Los Angeles who look like me that are hooking those cars up. I love the G35 just becuase it is a poor mans bat mobile. Really I don't like bmw's that much except for the 645 and the 750. If you think their are any other cars that should be looked at let me know....

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What Model Car best fits a 20-25 year old single male

I think the G35 is hot....my friends said the an Acura TL.....what do yall think

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kickz in Atl

I am from Los Angeles and I have moved to Atl for 2 years....and I am addicted to dunks vandal's and blazers.....but anyway I need to find all the spots where I can buy real shit...."Stop rockin fake shit"!

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