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"Every guy in Streetwear, they all have daddy issues." - Bobby Hundreds

Bobby: "My thing is that in my industry, every guy in Streetwear or anything that's kind of related to the street culture, they all have daddy issues." BH: "Guys kind of grew up without a father figure, and so they'€™re always looking for a dude'€™s approval and validation. So, if you go to a Streetwear party, it'€™s just all dudes checking out each other'€™s shoes and posturing and trying to wear the coolest clothes for other guys. And they'€™re totally fine with there being no girls." Asa Akira: "That's so true though.  All these Streetwear parties, it'€™s always a sausagefest. " BH: "If that happens in normal life, it'€™ll bother straight guys. They'd be like, '€œDude, this is a sausagefest. Let's get out of here.'€ Streetwear parties, it'€™s like, '€œI don'€™t care. Let'€™s get wasted.'€ All these dudes hanging out alone.  It'€™s really homoerotic and strange." [URL] From an interview with this thot: [Image] Thoughts?

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sad boys :(((

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