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ALOT of shoes SB Dunks Jordan Gourmet Supra Etc DS VNDS 9.5-11.5

As the title says, I am selling ALOT of shoes. Need to clear closet space, and I just don't need to keep anything that I dont actually wear anymore. There's alot of heat here, and alot of dope everyday releases. Alot of them are DS, have og boxes etc. Alot have been worn, but no more than a few times. Most have OG boxes, but the ones that do not will come with replacement boxes. All prices include shipping/paypal etc... Iss: Mosdeth Ebay:david_j67 Shoe description/size/condition/price Gimme 5 Court Force Low 11 NDS $60 Air Stab Square Polka Dot 10 VNDS $60 Air Griffey 10.5 VNDS $60 Air Structure Triax 91 10.5 VNDS $80 Air Assault 9 VNDS $60 Gourmet L'Uno EPI 10 DS $150 Undefeated UNDFTD dunk 11 DS $400 SB Dunk Gucci 10.5 DS $250 Supra TK Society 10 VNDS $100 Clark Kent Air Trainer 10.5 DS $250 Dunk Low SB Tokyo Taxi 10.5 NDS $60 Zoom Flight 95 Jason Kidd 10 VNDS $100 Dunk Low 11.5 VNDS $50 Viotech Air Trainer 9.5 VNDS $200 Black Denim Dunk Hi 11 VNDS $100 Gourmet Dieci 10.5 VNDS $60 Gourmet L'Cinque 10 VNDS $60 Penny 2 10 VNDS $100 Dontrelle Dunk 10.5 VNDS $80 Mita Delta Force 11 NDS $50 Air Griffey Blue 10 DS $140 Air Griffey Black 9 VNDS $100 Red Laser 1 Piece Dunk 10 VNDS $80 Burgundy Laser 1 Piece Dunk 11 NDS $60 Vans Sk8-Hi Dripworks 10 VNDS $50 Dunk Hi SB Send Help 11 VNDS $120 Dunk Hi Un Wu Tang 10.5 VNDS $80 HUF Half Cab 3 Feet High 10 DS $150 HUF Chukka 3 Feet High 10 DS $200 Dunk High Purple Earthquake 10.5 VNDS $80 Steve Nash Air Max 90 10.5 NDS $80 Jordan 11 Bred CDP Pack 10 VNDS $200 Check this link for detailed pics [URL] Call/Text/Email David 360.259.7212

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$19.9 on a Supra Skytop 2 in CCS.


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Flight Club

Flightclubny.com I don't think they buy your shoes. They're consignment.

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Jordans 11

Breds. They're OG.

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Most comfortable shoes you own.

Jordan 1's in multiple colorways. Prices vary.

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What do you think is the ugliest shoe ever?

Air Force 1's.

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Cool grey shoes

Those grey supra henry's are piff mcgriff.

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Shoes for ballin?

Chuck Taylor lows.

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Which jordans to get

Raging bulls.

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How do you organize your shoes?

Big ass pile.

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Shoes To Get Me Through the RAIN...

Get some Gourmet Quadici's. Dope as fuck and weatherproof as fuck. Spoken by a true Seattle veteran.

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What yall rockin' this SUMMER?

Next summer it's nothing but Jordan 1's. Just like last summer.

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Kicks you plannin to cop soon?

Been looking for a pair of ultimate glorys.

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What's your fav clothesline ?

Fruit of the loom.

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