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Boots for the winter


2 Weeks ago in Footwear

sebagos or sperrys?

where to get a good deal for either sperry topsiders or sebago docksides? both are legendary and beautiful as shit so either one will do for my first pair of boat shoes. since were at it, which ones do you prefer? how is the sizing? i quickly tried a pair of sebagos at a store and they felt pretty true to size as 10.5 was maybe a number or so too small. (that was the biggest they had anyway, and for 130 euros which is abt 185 us.. i dont think so) any other brands i should look into? how are the timberlands?

2 Weeks ago in Footwear

Weatherproof parka

Anyone got suggestions for waterproof parkas? I'm looking for something under 200 euros/250 us. Theres lots of awesome parkas out there this spring, but i need something to keep me dry as well. The bottom line is I need a dope jacket for the spring season and it got to be waterproof. Any ideas fellas?

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