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Moe Dolla$z here. I know what you're thinking right now. Some of you don't know me, some of you do. Me and the FTPWGM group have been ghost for a while; we've been exploring various artistic outlets that have been overlooked by conventional music. We are bigger and better than ever today though, with over 5,000+ views. Our based music has been spread to at least 5 thousand people. Let's make it more. Chocolate Thunder has recently dropped a 2 minute freestyle off a Taylor Swift instrumental for a little taste of what's to come. As of today (2:33 pm EST, 12/27/2012) is in fact the anniversary of FTPWGM's creation. I will be dropping 3 tracks later today in hype for the FTPWGM music video which will be coming out, as well as other music videos and cooking videos! We welcome you to the new age of FTPWGM - Moe Dolla$z Subscribe on youtube: [URL] [Embed content]

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