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MMVIII [Pronounced 2008] [URL] Vancouver, Canada

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Hello people in Vancouver [URL] or email me at info@mmviii.ca

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[MMVIII] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread

To start off 2012, we are proud to present, a 3-way collaboration between, Mike G (Odd Future), Brook Bobbins (Photographer) and MMVIII. Look out for the details in the next few days. [URL] [Image]

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[MMVIII] – 2011 Official Discussion Thread

[MMVIII] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread [Image] ABOUT: Shun Kinoshita got his start on selling t-shirts at the young age of 16, when he spray painted stencils onto t-shirts. He began a t-shirt brand called

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[GOLD MMVIII] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread

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