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The Witcher 1 and 2

did a search and was surprised i didnt see a thread on this unless im blind. witcher 2 easily best rpg of the year right now until skyrim comes out and then we'll see. this game is pretty much mass effect, but medieval fantasy stuff. you make big decisions, romance girls, fuck em in uncensored scenes, slay monsters. its like playing inside a movie pretty much. shit nice. its PC only though, so for no luck for console people. if you have a gaming PC then check this game out. witcher 1 trailer [URL]

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would u buy any of these?

ignore the words(rice and soy sauce), but pay attention to the designs. which ones would you actually buy and wear? [Image]

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sleep paralysis, ghosts and shit

so recently i had some terrifying shit happen to me. i never use to have it before until like late last year. i would have it sometimes when i was a kid, but i never saw crazy shit, but now when i have sleep paralysis, i see, feel, and hear some of the scariest shit ever. And it's always the same shit, some fucker or fuckers holding me down and saying all kinds of crazy shit to me. i would feel things creeping up on my bed sometimes and thats the scariest cause i cant see the bitch and i can't move to look. also, whenever i'm like "fuck you" in my head, the shit gets crazier. like this one time i felt this guy choking me and i saw his hands wrapping around my neck like he was mad i cussed at him. recently, like just last night, i felt multiple entities in my room. i could see one right in front of me holding me down. i saw his legs and some of his upper body and arms but not his face cause i waa looking down-ish. also felt something putting something over me, i dunno. i was like "not again", i wasnt that scared cause i was kind of use to this shit like some kind of pro. so i smirked a little(but not much cause i could barely move), cause i'm like do whatever i dont care, then the shit got maddddddd scary. i heard them yelling and i saw all types of shit even though my eyes were opened. like numbers and letters. WTFFFFFFFFFFF i know this shit isn't a dream. i know i am awake cause i can see my room and i can feel and hear and smell. its just that i can't move and some punks are trying to fuck with me. thats like one of the scariest things ever.

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