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Post your Gaming Setup!

um other thread was closed an i got a new tv off my friend for cheap so i wanted to post my new setup [Image] Astros obviously not hooked up yet. i dont use them for Fallout

2 Weeks ago in Gaming


anyone play this? i think i'm gonna buy it tomorrow. buying it now while its in beta is half price. it looks really fun! and you can customize your character kinda like modnation which is always a plusssss edit : this is the kind of game i've been looking for but i've read there have been problems with macs, anyone know anything? [URL]

2 Weeks ago in Gaming


i gotta admit, free Mac MMORPG's are difficult to find. im looking for an excellent MMORPG that is free and of course, OS X compatible. i've tried a few but nothing that really stuck. if any of you know any good ones, post here

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Camera for School

i need a camera for school (i'm going into a graphic design program - there is a photography course) which should i get? d60 perhaps? i really have no idea

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts