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Where all the usher fans at? R&B genre here

Huge fan over here, but MJ always comes 1st. Usher is releasing a new album in late 2009 hopefully and im excited. Im mad that everyone bashed his last album thought cause I thought it was well done. It wasnt as good as confessions, but it was still good 7/10. Best song was definately appetite.

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Nut crusher/ No flexibility jeans? ANy experiences?

I have two pairs of evisus from puma that are WOMANS. The males jeans were HORRID. They had no crotch space, and not only that but when I left my leg, i could feel a tug. They were nice and slim but to tight when I left my legs, know what I mean? No flexibility what so ever. I tried on a pair of nudies in slim jim and they kinda had the same feeling of that leg tugging effect, but the sales guy told me they would stretch. Do all slim jims have this type of fit too? It was the dry black wash btw size 30. This is how a pair of womans straight fit evisu fit btw. Im kinda mad cause they are kinda baggy [URL]

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