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What are you listening to?

I'm listening to the natural music from a flock of birds eating in our balcony... I'm having fun to listen to them everyday...

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A Lingeries From One Shoe Store Online

I bought this set of lingerie's from one shoe store online, it’s for my wife to her birthday next week, for obvious reasons I don't want her to know in advance. I used the family card by mistake and I paid with [URL]. Anyway the shoe store doesn't appear on the statement right? I mean that’s the whole point of buying a web check first. My wife has nagged about these shoes for quite some time and she thought they are too expensive. Just sharing some unwanted but funny moments today!

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Experienced Hassle in Payment in One Webshop

Have you heard about a payment voucher called webcheque? I want to buy a lithography by the brilliant Danish artist Dan Sterup-Hansen, the gallery in Copenhagen like me to pay with a electronic voucher, they have given me a link to a site called [URL] where I'm suppose to buy this voucher, they told me that I can pay with either Visa or Mastercard. Such a hassle to pay with a wire transfer abroad, hope that it will work out with Mr.Token. I'm not very internet savvy so I hope it will work out purchasing the painting using Mr.Token vouchers.

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How to Have a Big Butt?

Thanks a lot! Will let her try it.

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There are shops where you can find a legitimate authentic products - just go to their own brand shops.

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Our Backyard

It seems that there are lots of good items there! How about the price?

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Shopping in Singapore

Just walk along Orchard Avenue you can find many good fashion shops! Have been there many times.

2 Weeks ago in Singapore

Official Philippines Shopping Guide w/ pics!

Great! I'm in Philippines now for 3 week vacation. I'll visit one of those shops for sure before I go to my next destination...

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How to Have a Big Butt?

Every man wanted their partner to have a big butt. I too love it but my wife one is not that big enough as the others have. They say they can increase it through proper workout. What can you say about it? If you are a man - what would be your advise to your woman/partner/wife to increase their butt size?

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building credit at a young age

[Quote]As much as possible don't get a credit card, just have your savings/debit card that you can use in your shit shopping. Credit card is something good when you know how to control your spending but then you can still use most of the debit cards in the same way at least you will only spend what you have and you don't need to worry about paying in the future. It is always better to live with what you have without worrying of paying something every month. If you need to buy expensive item - just save money for it and buy it when you have enough funds...

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If you are a guy and have a big butt

Hmm would be so confident when dressing body fit shirt and skinny jeans... Girls will love it for sure!

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