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Fashion design school??

asdfg [Quote] yeah parson's is where they have project runway.

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The Flavor Of Love

i like new york! i think i'm the only one that actually likes her. she seems like a real bitch, really down for flav. so does delicious (however he spells her name all fucked up!!!) but i think she looks like a mothafucking MAN! bitch goes some brows on her. &that birthmark that looks like someone smeared some shit on her face&she doesn't know. she also has some weird big ass chunky scars on her back and chest. it may have been from an accident or something but until someone confirms it, i don't feel like an asshole! i really liked bootz too. crazy was pretty but a fake ass bitch.

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sneakers in formal wear?

asdfg [Quote] if you don't want to wear sneakers, then don't. just plain&simple. you aren't telling her what kind of dress to wear! her dress is probably gonna be ugly anyways. as long as you guys match then that's all that matters!!! my bf actually wore all white nike af1s to our homecoming, but it was only semi-formal. for prom, he wore some black snakeskin shoes or some shit. it didn't look bad.

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Favorite brand of tee? (fit and feel)

well another thing you can do if you know how to sew is take the tall tees from foot locker&cinch the waist&make them t shirt dresses cus those are hot right now. they'd look good with wide waist belts&heels. just a thought!

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Favorite brand of tee? (fit and feel)

something with stretch. for basic tees, i like the ones from old navy's little girl's department.

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Text on the backof tees...

i like it. it adds to the tee&makes it different&more designed. it doesn't necessarily have to be writing it could be a similar design to the one in front or little things like stars or some shit/

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These sunglasses, what are they??

haha look at that dude hella crouching down taking the picture...

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Jean Shorts

i think jean shorts are OK as long as you aren*t wearing a long sleeved shirt or sweater with it.

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the girl shit is hot! except i am definitely not feeling those dog jeans.

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[Quote] tall t's at footlocker for girls could be dresses if you cinch the waist. t-shirt dresses&tunics are hot right now.

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Handbags! Handbags! Handbags!

dffhdgh [Quote] that shit is a bazillion dollars. but yeah, it does look SICK AS HELL!

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