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Sreetwear in Sao Paulo

First off, i'd normally post this is in the regional forums but there is none for South America, so I figured this would be the best area to post this. I arrived in Sao Paulo about a month ago, and even though prices for sneakers/t-shirts are generally ridiculous here, I'm in need of some good stuff to get through the Brazilian summer. Surely, in a city of about 19 million people, there must be some pretty good shops down here, though most I've seen so far are really bad. Anyone on Hypebeast who lives close or has been to Sao Paulo before and can recommend me some nice spots?

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Jordan V 5 Quai 54 - US9 and 9.5 (Other sizes available upon request)

I'm selling these on eBay aswell, but I thought I would give my fellow Hypebeasters an easier (and less costly) option. On eBay, prices are ranging between 370$ up to 550$ for these shoes. [B] Description[/B] In a year that’s seen some hotly-anticipated retro releases along with the resurrection of the Air Jordan Legacy flagship model’s must-have status, the Air Jordan V Retro stands out as seeing more colorways drop than any other model. Could the above pictured colorway be its latest release? The Quai 51 International Streetball Championship is sponsored by Jordan Brand each July in Paris, so it’s between these and another white AJ5 to be the next 1990-born classic to hit retailers. [Image] Limited Edition and exclusive to Europe, so nowhere to be found in US Stores! I have pre-ordered these a while ago at my local Foot Locker. Shoes are already paid for and reserved for me. Send me a message if you wish to see the receipt. Shoes are officially coming out on the 20th of June in the Netherlands, but I might be able to get them the 18th. If you want to buy another size, send me a message and I'll try to get you a pair. 100% Guaranteed Authentic Deadstock, New In Box. Shipping to USA from the Netherlands, costs: 50$ This is including insurance and signature confirmation. Other countries please send me a message for an inquiry. On eBay, I have these listed for 350$. Here, [B]sale price is 335$[/B]. For PayPal, add 4% to the price or send as gift. I have good feedback on eBay.

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[FS] Casette Playa, Wood Wood, Kidrobot, Nike, T. Hilfiger,

[b]Tees:[/b] Prefer selling, but always open for trades! Everything is brand new! [b]Wood Wood Portrait Tee[/b] Sz. S, could go for an M Made in Greece 100% new 30 euro [Image] [b]Shirt[/b] [b]Tommy Hilfiger shirt[/b] retails 60 euro 100% cotton Incl. tags 35 euro [b]SOLD[/b] Everything is shipped from the Netherlands, willing to ship to the United States/United Kingdom or other countries.

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High top sneakers and shorts

Summer's coming, shorts are running out. What do the hypebeasters think: High Top Sneakers under Shorts; yes or no?

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Swimming shorts

Summer is coming, and I was wondering what the hypebeasters on here are wearing at the pool or beach blushing Personally I'm wearing [URL], looking for some extra though

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Sticker on New Era

I'm seeing 2 types of New Era wearers: some leave the sticker on, some put it off. What do you think?

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Fitteds when going out

What do you Hypebeasters think about wearing a fitted cap when going out to the club etc.? Win or lose?

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Favorite plain tee brand

I'm looking to start a clothing brand, and I was wondering what you hypebeasts consider as the best brand for plain tees? Examples are Alstyle Apparel, American Apparel, Hanes, Kirkland, Gildan, Anvil, Fruit of the Loom, Continental Clothing etc.

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Uniqlo -> Netherlands

I can't seem to find any shops that sell Uniqlo who ship to the Netherlands. They have some designs and fits I really like, I know they don't have an official store here yet, but there must be a webshop who ships to here? Thanks in advance blushing

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Favorite tee of 09

Well since the brands are beginning to show up with new tees; what's the best tee you have seen so far?

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Sizing of Fly53 flannel

I was about to cop me a flannel, but I'm doubting between size M and L. The site isn't really clear about it. I'm 1,89m. long and i like my clothes when they're not too baggy. Normally I have tees size M but occassionally I take L. Anyone knows anything about this fit? [URL]

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Favorite Flannel

Topic title basically says it: What's your favorite flannel (pics would be nice)

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What you think about this hoodie?

[Image] I just saw this one popping in on karmaloop. What do you think of it? I quite like it, it's something a bit more different, it's from Apliiq btw

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What is your favorite hoodie?

Simple like that, what is your favorite hoodie?

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