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Do people wear sneakers in places like Thailand, Vietnam, etc. when it's very humid?

Frequent HK visitor As a frequent hK visitor and sometimes singapore.. it really doesn't matter. as a suggestion u can wear sandals. but make sure whatever restaurant u go to.. they allow u wearing sandals.. like in HK, if u end up going to a high class restaurant.. shoes!! i am leaving for HK myself in a week and a half.. and i just bought myself some addidas superstar lg.. and a hiking shoe.. cuz.. even if ur in thailand or vietnam.. hiking shoes or boots help.. ur gonna walk ur butt off alot. as to apparel.. i suggest shorts, shirt, no under shirt.. and a towel.. bring ur own towel from home.. or bring a towel from the hotel.. and after each day return the towel.. so the hotel peeps can wash it fer ya.. lol.. just a suggestion from a guy who freakin sweats like a pig.. lolblushing

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HK or Tokyo for shopping and tourism =)

of course Hong Kong Mong Gok: (Ladies Street) If your looking to buy wallets, purses, back packs, messenger bags, souveneirs from HK, daily products.. everything can be found in Mong Gok.. except for electronics Sum Shui Po: (electronics boutique) Everywhere your going to find electronics.. whether it's appliances, parts, or what not. Your gonna find the best prices only here. But BARGAIN!!! even in Mong Gok.. bargain.. i buy my stuff from this place in Mong gok..and they know me since im the fat azn dude who buys their product each year.. lol.. newayz... i get good prices.. tho.. bargain!! if one place sell for higher, then the others u know are gonna want ur business and sell for lower. Sum Shui Po also cells cell phones, video camcorders. much cheaper than the U.S. me and my lil bought our cell phones from there. Plus Hk sells phones that wont get into the U.S. market for a year or 2... sometimes never.. so u will walk out with somthin.. cooler than ur friends at home.. Stanley Market: Another great place to shop. Best place in my opinion for clothes. Everywhere mostly your gonna find brand name clothes such as oakley, billabong.. for damn right cheap prices.. same quality material.. at bottom low prices.. tho.. u should still try to bargain.. unless ur filthy rich.. then w/e. Jordan Street: (only happens at night) You can buy stuff only during at the night. It's a combination of Stanley market and mong gok. But I rather suggest you go to the above 3.. if your really in a nutshell.. and cant find anything from the above 3.. then try this one... remember it only is set up at night... and plus if you happen to pass by any foot massage places.. best place to get a foot massage is on Jordan Street. Trust me. I had some really good foot massages. blushing not adult stuff. sorry nothing like that shit like in the U.S. ova here. Tsim Tsa Tsui (shopping extravaganza) Your gonna find this to be the place of shops. Tho it might not be like a bazaar as the 4 above mentioned. But your gonna find the best places to eat, drink coffee at starbucks, buy some of ur favorite western (english) music you can find. which is at HMV. the best place ever.. it can be found in London, Paris, Singapore.. and HK.. so far in my knowledge.. so, best place to buy dvd's, vcd's, cd's... and ld's.. is at HMV,,and other places in tst for em. you just got to look.. blushing

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Size 13 in Hong Kong?

lol..read this i was in HK, last and this year from christmas to new years day. I wanted to say.. the shoes i brought from home dvs.. were killing my feet. So, i looked everywhere. There's a place that sells mainly shoes.. Stores and stores that sell shoes of all brands. But IF u want size 13.. they don't carry it. You probably have your best luck at going to a village. Yeah, but i don't suggest you go.. u might get lost. but sometimes the villages carry size 13-15. Anyways... i had the same problem in HK, my first time every caring about buying a shoe. Not even my uncles, aunts, cousins could figure out a place to buy a shoe size 12+. So, good luck. U want to buy shoes size 13+ .. look at [URL] they sell shoes all sizes and pretty cheap.... thats ur best bet.. >smh

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Buddah Bead Bracelets....can u help me?

Well I have been going to HK frequently, whether for family, personal or leisure reasons...I always get some time to shop, karaoke..etc. Well, I had dinner with my relatives.. and my cousin was telling me about the buddah bead bracelet he was wearing that he told me that helps him to smoke less, and another one for him to control his weight, another for another thing.. ok.. so i search on my own.. i went to i think.. was jordan street.. at night.. and searched everywhere. I couldn't find anything. He never replied back to me about where to get it. SO I was hoping if you guys know where to buy some? I know that in Lantau Island where the big buddah is has some, but I don;t want to go that far and get it there.. Hope you guys can help me.

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