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The State Of Streetwear

^^^yea i think exclusivity is essential...i look at fashion as an artform...an extension of visual art almost the same way our tastes in film or music are probably unique to mainstream tastes...our tastes for fashion are unique to what the mainstream follows and probably are more acute and less fickle streetwear allows fashion/consumerism to be a bit more personal or at least a little more reflective of who you are as a person and what you appreciate aesthetically (in terms of colors, shapes, forms.) In the same way a poem or sing can articulate the way you feel better than you could verbally... a creative or witty shirt can do the same as far as visual expression which i think is really cool. I was reading an article the other day about how Nigo in '99 limited production of Bape to Tokyo when he saw his brand next to brands like Tommy Hilfiger in stores. He was conscious of overexposure and understood the role exclusivity plays in brand management. Say what you want about him but i think him and OGs like Hiroshi Fujiwara's ideologies on this streetwear shi as far as exclusivity is concerned captures the true essence of what its about... i just think its amazing how those dudes were inspired by the freshness of hip-hop in the 80's...they transfered that energy to fashion and now i'm equally inspired by them...its as if energy comes full-circleblushing

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Damn yo! UPS shipped my Hundreds order to wrong addy

so an order from the Hundreds was scheduled for delivery today...i check my email and it says i received the package only i received no package! The frustrating part is on all emails containing the shipping info the address is correct...than on the delivery confirmation email from UPS...it says 111 Country Terrace instead of 1111 Country Terrace...someone named "Doug" signed for my shiit ?) So either The Hundreds or UPS (probably the latter) messed the address up and now i gotta sort this mess out! this ever happen to anyone?

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Artwork Of The Day

cool idea!!! Misery and Company by Robert Wolverton JR [Image] and Milly i jus peeped ya myspace...Dope Shit! blushing

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VANS employeeS!

Damn 50% off...i was about to get a job at the gap but i think i'll wait for the Vans in the mall to start hiring in a few weeks insteadblushing

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Anyone ever order from rok*d (http://rokd.co.kr/)

Their listed on Mishka stockist list but i can't see the shipping policy when i translate with babelfish... They have The Death Adder sweater for 20,000 korean won which would translate to like $21 dollars?? but i don't know what they charge for shipping if any has ever ordered from them could u let me know whats good?

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I jus friggin got jacked

man fuck that you should've stood up for yourself

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Love Is Blind t-shirt in Acclaim Magazine

Congrats yo! Thats good stuff!blushing

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Same clothes...


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"Interview the person below you"

"yo doggystyle was my favorite position, until I switched shit dead shit, got on some head shit" "Takeover" or "Ether"

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Kid Gets Put On Blast For Fake Jordan V's

shits lame. *****s should be at school trying to learn and their acting like the fashion police or some shit. I wouldn't rock fake sneakers but putting someone on blast who probably can't afford them shits is just shallow and corny.

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Looking for someone to shopping with me in LA

[Quote] you're nasty sir

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Dye, dye, dye!!!!

thats so fuckin cool

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Whats up with Lupe Fiasco's clothing line

[Quote] comparing Lupe and Pharrell is like comparing apples to oranges. They're both absolutely remarkable artist but the two serve two completely different purposes musically and fill two different voids/niches.

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Pick 5 brands

[Quote] yea thats it...smokeyface

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NYPD seizes $36,000 worth of fake Jordans

[Quote] i guess the cops assumed that they'd be sold for retail

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