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[FS] Vans Syndicate Half Cabs/ Tan & Maroon Chukka lows 7-7.5

yoo just got a question. is it pretty often people sell size 7s on this forum? i gota some vans that i needa get rid of but im not sure if people will even check em

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[FS] Misc. shirts! (Cleaning out the Closet!)

[FONT="Times New Roman"]just a bunch of random ass shirts for sale. they have been used, but they go as is for just 10 bucks for the shirt + shipping and handling. i take paypal. thats it. |0 [URL] pm me, email me, aim me, if your interested in any of them. ill get the shirt out to you the next day. peace. [/FONT]

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[Play Cloths] - 2009 Discussion Thread

nice n simple. diggin it

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Shoes for a Wedding?

shoes for a wedding? i say flats for a girl and dunks for a guy. or maybe some dope vans. orrrr!!! hawiannas

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How do you guys rock high tops?

high tops? i rock em with ankle socks and my pant leg rolled up. just one tho. it looks dope. try it

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Supreme cavas old man shoes? 70 bucks? what the hell!

supreme? they are cool. i like them. wish i could be like them. well i guess i probably gotta get my ass outa my head first. haha. jk. just tryin to get 25 posts so i can sell some shirts.

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