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Best hoodies /crewnecks and t shirts to print on ?

For t shirts , A brand I constantly hear about is the Alstyle 1301 . What about hoodies ? Im looking for goodies like the LRG ones or diamond supply Help ?

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Any other streetwear brands like 10 Deep ?

I like 10 Deep , but there stuff is a lil expensive ?  10 Deeps designs are very laid back , artistic , simplistic , and not too flashy . The floral and camo prints are phenomenal , I'm looking for brands like that . New or old , up and coming . If you made your own brand I'd be glad to take a look at it too . Thanks in advance.

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Best streetwear hoodies and jackets ?

Fall is steadily approaching and I'm still in school so I need to know the most freshest/reasonably priced hoodies and jackets around. Looking for things in the same price range as LRG and Diamond Brands I've already looked into : - LRG[b] [/b](most balanced with price and designs) - Diamond Supply  - Bape (way too expensive) - 10 deep (Kinda pricey) - Icecream - Johnny Cupcakes Can you guys help me out ? I just want some nice hoodies with cool designs and colors that arent too expensive and wont make me save up 2 paychecks.

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The age old debate .. Hoodies : Zip up or Pullover ?

I try to balance both zip ups and pullovers .. because too much of something is never good . But personally I prefer pullovers ... they are more comfortable and stylish in my opinion . But at the same time zip up hoodies have more awesome designs that you wouldn't be able to get on apullover (like colored zippers , different designs on other have of the hoodie.. etc).

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Help with a specific style of clothing ? Printed T shirts and hoodies ?

I'm way too used to plain logo t shirts and solid colored hoodies so I decided to look into something new.. http://10deep.com/store/storeCategory.html/45084-tops Look at the first couple of shirts with repeating patterns all over the shirt (like the venus fly trap or the "black banana leaf" one) What do you call that type style of tee shirts ? Woven shirts ? Fabric printed ? Idk what they are called . I'm trying to see what other bbrands have shirts and/or hoodies that do the same thing. I like how they have repeating patterns all around the shirt. I wish I knew the best way to explain what I'm asking . Basically what I wanna know is what is the name of the style of design where the pattern repeats all around the shirt / hoodie . And what other brands use this style as well ? Much appreciated in advance.

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Soulja Boy's new brand

http://blvdsupply.com/shop.html The name and T shirt designs seem awfully familiar.

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Anyone wear modern mischeif ?


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Freeworld VS Bullhead

Bullhead is cheaply made. Freeworld all day

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Name some good , affordable brands

I'm talking like t shirts for $20 a piece or something. Stylish at the same time .. I personally like DGK .. neff .. sometimes famous. diamond supply is too much and everyone and they're grand mother wears it .. that's why I don't buy

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I'm 5'10. 140. Somewhat skinny. Slim straight jeans feel and look too baggy on me. And skinny jeans are too skinny. I want an in between fit. I wear a pair of hollister skinny 30x32 jeans and they still look a little skinny. I want them to be more slim than skinny but more skinny than slim straight. help ?

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Difference between Chino , Khaki , Twill ?

I'm still new to this kind of stuff so bare with me but .. whats the difference between all 3 ? I've been looking for light colored tan pants but I don't know which kind is better. Good explanation please ?

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SHORTS : Stylish or Not ? (MEN)

If you look at a lot of famous celebrities , (e.g. Big Sean , Kanye West) you realize they only wear long pants. I agree and prefer long pants over shorts any day. I was never a fan of shorts . Only shorts I would wear in a stylish manor would be like Cargos or camos or something, and I don't even like wearing those either. Whats your opinion ? Shorts or Long pants ?

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What are the name of the levis with the stylish back pockets ?

Like these (I know they are true religion , im asking about the back pocket flaps) [Image]

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How to balance your jeans and tops ?

It's weird.. it seems like whenever I go to buy clothes .. one day I could be like "I need better jeans this time around" but then I realize I don't have that many tops . So then next time I go strictly for tops .. and buy plenty of shirts / hoodies/ jackets but then realize I'm lacking jeans . Im bad at balancing it out. What the best Jean to Shirt Ratio ? How many pairs of jeans should II wear regularly a week. I have plenty of jeans but I only wear 5 of em every week. How often do you guys repeat wearing jeans ?

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What are the jeans with the Airplane on the back pockets ?

[Image] Curren$y was wearing these in the Showroom video

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