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Dope Visuals

this feed is solely for posting dope visuals. no matter what genre of music. it also doesn't have to be your own visual. it can be an artist that you feel is dope as well. just gotta be sick. give feedback to the artist. show love. give criticism. ANYTHING to help the artist. I'll start it off with my visual "Night Flower" [Embed content]

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Know You Love ME

New Single. Hope you all enjoy. [url=http://mik3ymicrophone.bandcamp.com/track/know-you-love-me-prod-by-theivyclub]KnowYouLoveMe[Image]

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Am I Wrong?

Give feed back. Anything that you think will help. Criticism, advice, comments. Appreciate it [Embed content]

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I've just recently stumbled upon this japanese fashion shit. and i gotta say that i'm impressed!!! Outfits as a whole i wouldnt agree on, but individual pieces from the collections are DOPE!!! Look em up. Facetasm.jp

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Soon Enough - Mik3y Microphone

I made a quick post just to show you guys my project that dropped on the 14th mayne!!! Yall can check out my single 'Feeling Right' here [URL] Here goes the trailer i put out for the tape a week before it dropped. Show love. let me know what you feel. [Embed content]

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