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HB Music Discussion MOVEMENT: cudi x sheen

dudes need to collab movement started ?

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Kid Cudi - Mojo So Dope

[URL] wish it was better |0

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Drive by shooter didnt roll his window down

[URL] possibly the funniest local news in a while

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[FS] Supreme Oxford L + Fullzip M - BBC Sz 0 M + Pullover M - NBHD Icon Narrow M

Trades accepted, but only DS, and not ugly dumb shit. I won't ship first. Payment in Paypal only. Will ship international but I will charge you more for it. I only sell legit, and items are kept nicely. Nothing I sell has stains, rips, or smells. Supreme 'Black' Oxford Size L Tried it on, didn't fit. Had to use a junk camera for this, sorry. SOLD. Bought from online store. Bag included. [URL] NBHD Icon Narrow Size M 2007 Previous owner wore once, these are the definition of DS, too slim for me. $350 shipped. (I paid 500) PO sent tags but they are for a diff pair. Tracking down the original packaging. [Image]

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[FS] Size 10 - DS - Supreme F/W 2009 Grey suede mid

[Image] took them out of the box, tried them on, put an insole in, tried them on again, put them back in box shoes are great quality and are buttery, just too big, looking for size 9.5 in trade or 98+10 shipped which is retail from the web store will ship to canada for an extra bit depending on where youre at thanks hb

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[FS/FT] Supreme F/W 2009 - Size Large - Gray Ja, White Deffest, Size 10 Grey shoe

[Image] selling for online store retail +$10 for shipping if international PM me for a shipping rate or trading for size large or medium deffest in other color and size large ja in other color shoes are 10 grey with gum sole looking for size 9.5 gray with gum sole straight up trade all items deadstock smokeyface

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Do you believe in Alaska?

Do you believe in Alaska? If you [B]do[/B] believe it exists then what is the best documented evidence you have reviewed that supports your understanding? If you [B]do not[/B] believe it exists then what is the best documented evidence you have reviewed that supports your understanding?

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[WTB] Red Supreme Bitch Please Snap Back

someone jacked mine from my car, was my favorite hat help me out someone please blushing

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{WTB} Nike Zoom Toki Lux 9.5-10 Black

go pick them up for me i will pay 30 over retail plus shipping paypal ready &)&)&)&)&)&)

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solution to the auto industry in detroits economic issues

make less cars i drive past about 5 car dealerships every week, and living where i do, a lot of the cars are american, ford, chevy, cadillac, etc and the car lots are fucking massive! then, nearing the end of every year, they push and push and push to get that years models out before the next year, probably LOSING money since they have to take the initial hit of not selling anywhere near msrp, another hit by having to loan the car out (they might get interest but some % goes to the bank, not the car manufacturer) and even today i saw a few 2006 ford f-150s, quite a few of them actually, still unowned by a party aside from that dealer especially with current economic times, new cars are being bought less and less, so instead of making 100 cars when only 30 will sell in the first half of the year, make 80 cars, you have potentially not earned as much, figuring about 60-70 cars will be bought that YEAR if 30 were sold in the first half, but at least you do not have left over assets that do nothing but depreciate by the thousands when the year is up, even half way through the year! so what if people lose hours or wages because your assembly line only is pushing out half the amount it did the previous year, but this will increase efficiency and more than likely over all vehicle quality or am i completely wrong here

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scamming a scammer? legit?

so hrres the story i AIM ths dude from some forum with some atmos and i go hey they still fs he goes no they sold so i check and yeah he made an agreement thread and shipped them to a guy that said he payed him few days later cat IMs me is like yo want to cop i go i thought you sold he goes no dude flaked, im like orly hes like yarly so he goes ill ship when i give you tracking number you pay me i go ok he MAKES UP A TRACKING NUMBER for usps, not even enough digits lawl so he sweats me to pay him claiming the shipped, guy obviously trying to scam me for shoes he already sold with a fake usps number days go by dude keeps sweatin me this was few weeks ago, ***** ims me the other day from a diff sn says he will ship and i will pay, i go ok we dont even settle on a price, he sends me tracking, then i go to work for two days, he is sweating me for payment i wasnt even here.. cat IMs me from the aim he tried to scam me on accidentally so i call him out tonight and hes like broski it was a accident about giving you that tracking, i just wanted you to pay (LOLOMGROFL) i asked him for two days to make a agreement thread on ANY forum but he said each forum would either crash or wasnt loading, excuses for days so now i supposedly am getting the shoes he tried to scam me on, but now wants me to pay him, already admitted to trying to hustle me before cat never made an agreement thread, sent me the shoes, now wants me to pay him. do i scam the scammer? be on some boondock saints shit? or do i be legit and pay up? thanks hypecrew [B]cliffnotes: kid tried to scam me by making up fake tracking and asks for ppal, gets on another aim claiming hes not the guy but selling same shoes, accidentally IMs me from the name he tried to scam me on, but actually shipped the shoes this time, avoided agreement threads left and right, now is asking ME to not scam HIM, boondock saints er no[/B] edit: kid wouldnt even tell me his username on any forum, avoided that shit like late nite tbell

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[WTB] - Supreme 'Black' Oxford size Medium

had someone supposedly do a pickup but it took them a week to tell me they forgot about it so >smh that unnamed fool paypal ready, let me know

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[WTB] - Vans Bash Black 9.5

paypal ready and thank you

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