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Where to purchase the Bape Catalog in Hong Kong?

Hypebeast, I need your help again! I am having trouble finding the Bape Catalog... does anyone know where I can find it in stock in Hong Kong? I am currently living in Chai Wan. The closer the place is the better but I am not afraid to travel on the MTR to get it. Thanks.

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Help in Hong Kong!

Hey, I'm in Hong Kong right now. Does anyone know where I can get some of these shoe figurines? Prices would also be a bonus. Thanks in advance. [Image]

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Vancouver: Best place to unlock phones?

Hey, I'm just looking for a place that will unlock my phone and do a quality job on it. I'm not looking for some place that will do it for $10 (doubt it'll be done properly.) I'd spend around $30-$40 to get unlocking done since it will cost $50 at Cellular Baby and I've heard bad online reviews about them. It's a Moto V3i if that matters.

2 Weeks ago in Canada

The Official Nominate -kT For Mod Thread

If you want -kT to be a Mod, post here. 1 vote from Mickz

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Vancouver Sneaker Exchange?

I have read many threads on ISS and NT about sneaker exchange events happening in the States. Do you guys think it's a good idea or even a possibility we can hold one up here in Vancouver? I know we don't have as many collectors as NYC but I'd be willing to come out if an event like this was planned.

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Foot Locker F&F 30% off October 26-28

[Image] Exclusions list to come.

2 Weeks ago in Canada


[Image] Thanks trix213 on NT for the printable version. If you're in Vancouver/Burnaby and want a hard copy, let me know. Foot Locker friends and family 30% off event this weekend. 30% off your purchase before tax (some items may be excluded) 40% off your purchase if you spend $150 before tax I'll be dropping off a stack of coupons at the small table in front of room 233 in the SE6 building at BCIT. If you need a coupon, PM me or leave a message. *** Don't expect to be able to get Air Max, AF1, Jordans or any of that sweet stuff. No exclusions on clothing except for multiple offer and clearance items.

2 Weeks ago in Canada

What material is/How to clean AM97 midsole?

Has anyone ever gotten jean stains on their Air Max 97's? I haven't found a sure-fire way to clean the midsole. I had the same problem with my Air Max 2003 before I got rid of them. Thanks.

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Foot Locker F&F 30% off Aug 24-27

EDIT EDIT: This is the SPC graphic, I will post the actual coupon when it comes out. [Image] Print out this coupon and bring it into your nearest Foot Locker store. You will get 30% off your purchase, cannot be combined with any other offers like SPC discount or BOGO. Before you guys ask, no I haven't seen the restrictions list yet. Just don't expect to be able to get any retro Air Max, Jordans or AF1. Practically every shoe that you can't get as your second pair for 50% off, you probably can't get it for 30% off.

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Selling rules

Does HypeBeast have a set of rules for the marketplace? I'm tired of people not having a price in their thread. If you're going to sell something, AT LEAST have a starting/BIN price. Don't put "OFFER ME." I'm going to offer a dollar shipped to all for sale posts that state "offer me" starting next week.

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Foot Locker F&F July 27-29

[Image] Print it out and you're good to go. I'll come back with a list of restrictions after work on Thursday.

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Foot Locker heads up.

Employee appreciation is this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Confirmed by my manager today. Friends and family 30% off will take place next weekend.

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Another Free Ark Tees thread.

I tried the search option but I couldn't find an Ark thread so I'm making a new one. So if there is already a thread, please lock this and link me to the original. Thanks. Did any Canadian members receive their free tees? I emailed Ark but the email bounced back into my inbox. I'm just wondering if they're lost in the mail or something.

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