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Real life MEME faces thread

Post pictures of people that have actual meme faces. recently ive been coming across alot of people with the forever alone chin, its crazy. this pic is of me and a girl i met at this dusty ass backyard party. and it wasnt until i noticed on facebook her meme smile. the second photo i found thru face book lurkin too [URL] ok go

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Cingular AT&T streetwear commercial

couldnt believe what i was seeing for a second... i thought it was border line corny.. what did you guys think of it?

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mos def intelect..with Princeton's Colonel west

[URL] political and current events discussion with bill maher and ralph nader. very interesting points if you ask me. mos def in alife and the hundreds.. srry helgnx.. but its a good find ....discussblushing

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Dj Mehdi::. iam- greatest vid ever!!

i came across this french based dj yest. and the video has me hooked&) i'm starting to do a little reserch on the house electronic music over seas now, and there's so much more to discover.. iv'e allways loved Daft Punk, and yet Mehdi does more justice to the genre' [URL] oh yeah, the guy's got steez!

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so i have her credit card #...

ex- girl friend keyed my car, scion tc told my parents about very personal things and spread enough lies to make me change my name.smh this is not a joke. as i type this im litterally crying. iv'e never done a thing wrong. we just needed time away frm each other. so iv'e thought long and hard. and it hit me. i have her master card number dont ask me how, i just remember jotting it down. but i have it. thing is... its just the 12 numbers on the front.... not the security code where do i start ps: mods dont block ! this is serious shit

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Any othr good PullOvers ?(besides BAPE bbc ect.)

this winter i think im gonna do pull overs and hoodies. thing is i could go and buy ~A~ sweater from cmon.com, but im not gonna play the hell out of ice creams and get a million q's. ("why does ur shit have a cone on it?") so u guys have any other brands that can compare ?

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What are u listening to right NOW...album/song

felt like stating an old thread from another forum i visit. hey its my first here! not expecting alot of reply...actually i am kanye-spaceship...its like he's talking to me

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