Vanessa Hudgens Nude Picture Hits The Internet.


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Who would you like to sex 6: Aki Hoshino or Maria Ozawa

Sorry DunkPunk, your options weren't even comparable. An 18 year old Disney star to a near 30 year old glamour model?! [B]Aki Hoshino[/B] [Image]

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Does anyone here listen to UK grime, or am I the only one? If you do who are you feeling the most right now? Me personally, I think Bashy and Ember Phoenix are next up to blow.

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Official "What Nationality Are You?" Thread

Just to avoid the Confusion and random reactions like --[Quote] I figured there should be a thread for anyone who doesn't mind verifying what nationality they are. I'm Italian/German/French/African-American (Yes, I know it's alot.)

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Most Wanted Purchase's of 2007

What are some of the thing's that you plan on purchasing in 2007, whether cheap or expensive? I plan on --iPhone --Headporter Black Beauty Dots Camera Holder --Nudies --Some New eyeglasses, preferably these D&G ones I've had my eye on

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Official "What Did You Get For Christmas?" Thread

Well, as of right now, I know that I got 8 tee's for Christmas, and I've got another 8 to 9 hours before the rest of my gifts are unveiled. I want to wish all of my fellow beasters a "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holiday's" since I probably won't be on tomorrow. Late!blushing

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Dating or Relationships?

What do you guys prefer when it comes to females, venturing within the dating scene with different girls or holding a steady relationship with one female?

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Shrinking Hundreds "Ink" Denim?

I've had my "Ink" denim for about a month now, and I've worn them about 6 times and each time they seem to become a more loose fit. I like my jeans fitted and when I bought them, they were not at the best fit but I was willing to deal, but now they are straying from my normal look with pants. The original size I bought was a 32 and I normally wear a 30. Any suggestions or tips to shrinking these down some would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!blushing

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Behind the Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon

[Image] [URL] Thought's???

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Nudie Pricing?

I'm thinking of purchasing a pair of Nudie's from my local shop and was wondering what the average price is for them? The fits they received were: SlimJim, Straight Sven, & Regular Ralph. Thanks.

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Has anyone seen the "Howdy" tee from SITUATIONORMAL? You'll definitely turn some heads wearing this down the street. [Image]

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New Temple Effectives Hoodies at DG.

^^^Including the "All Over Dots Faux" hoody, pretty clean IMO.

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What does the majority of your money go towards?

Most of my money goes toward tee's.

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Vintage GRN Appletree Hoodies

Dropping Friday, Oct 20 @ DG. Only 20-30 made for each design. Don't Sleep!!! [Image] More hoodies are also dropping.

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Favorite Current-Gen System?

All the buzz right now is going on over next-gen systems, but what current-gen system has kept you happy and more occupied the most over these past few years?

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