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Fred Perry x Stussy Polo Grey [size M]

Looking for this the Fred Perry x Stussy collab polo in a size medium. Same as the one pictured below! [Image] PM or send email to [email]msiu23@gmail.com[/email]

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Black on black shoes

lol a bit boring..

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TOJ All Black MURDER Varsity & RRL Chambray

All prices include shipping. Add 4% paypal fee or gift money. Post, pm, or email [email]msiu23@gmail.com[/email] [B]1.[/B] TOJ Anniversary edition varsity in all black, size 49. [B]$260[/B] I fucked up on sizing but this jacket is in perfect condition. I didn't even get a chance to wear it out. Jacket will probably fit someone between a medium~large best. Gussets added for increased mobility (see pictures below). New sleeve pattern also makes it much easier to move around in then previous versions of this jacket. Check measurements below. If this is not sold within a week, I will be sending it back to TOJ for a resizing. Sold out and discontinued, so don't sleep. Measurements: (Basically a size 49) Shoulders: 18.5" Chest: 22" Body front: 22.: Body Back: 24.5 Sleeve: 27" [Image] More picture: [URL]

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Jail Break or be Safe

I think you have to worry most about losing it but then again its worth it considering how much you get out of jailbreaking...

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Whats your fav shoes

I can wear my CP's all day eve.rday

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What will humans look like in the future?

They will look asian cuz we got the biggest population and soon everyone will mix and breed to form a single ethnicity blushing

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[Visvim] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

[Quote] This would be very helpful!

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Pick Ups: 2010 (Flame person = Infraction)

[Image] so broke now...

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Snowboarding Pants Fitting?

I don't think snow pants should ever be fitted... I always like having a layer under so keep in mind that even if you try them on maybe its better to see how tehy are with pants on.

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Bay Area Meet up: Vol. This shit might actually happen

what do you guys plan on doing for at this "meetup"...

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The Official Skull Jeans Thread

2 yr old skulls. On and off, barely ever wear them anymore tho. [Image]

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In memory of Kenan And Kel

I saw them at my local In 'n Out one time. They had 2 7 foot tall body guards. Intimidation factor, didnt get a chance to meet them...

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500 Days of Summer

$12.99 on blu-ray. [URL] go cop

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Jail Break or be Safe

It's definitely worth it though... The App store becomes a free downloads page. Don't do it unless you know whatsup. Do some research, but you will definitely WANT to do it, just be certain you are able to deal with your phone if something goes wrong.

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The Official Asian Females Thread

that first girl... that look is so inviting

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