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(FS) (FT) UNIQLO- L Sweatshirt & Small George Gervin Jersey (HUGE PRICE DROP ON BOTH ITEMS)

Hey guys, First off, I only do paypal + 4%. If you want to trade, send me some offers: I like BBC, Supreme, Diamond, but I'm down for some other stuff (I'm a size medium). Also, side note: I don't have any feedback as a seller, only as a buyer, so let me know if you want at least the buyer feedback. Send me private message for quickest response. Uniqlo Large Washed 2x (air-dried) Deadstock Quality, 9.5/10 30$ + 4% for Paypal shipped. AS SEEN HERE: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/CPaGoods/itemcode=070580 [Image] Thanks for looking. PM me for questions and offers

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Hey guys, I'm considering between two different sweatshirts: the Cassie #4 and the Cassie Smoke rings. I prefer the Cassie Smoke Rings, but it is a little risque, and the problem is that I'm about to be a senior in high school, and it is unlikely that they will let me wear it to school. The pricing is 85$ for the Smoke rings, and much more expensive for the other Cassie. Do you guys think it's worth using up 85$ weatshirt you won't be able to wear to your main social environment for the next year, 5/7 days of the week?

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FS/FT DS San Antonio Classic George ”The Iceman” Gervin Jersey

Hey guys, I am selling a BRAND NEW, NEVER WORN, 10/10 quality (Ripped the tag-off before trying it off, pretty dumb of me), SMALL (but not really, keep reading) George "The Iceman" Gervin, for all basketball fans, he's the guy who invented the finger roll, and also got the chillest nickname of all time in my opinion (behind Shaq-Fu and the Black Mamba). Got this at the NBA store about 4 years ago, hoping I would eventually grow into it, but even the Small is to big for me. For a comparison, I'm 5'7 and this jersey goes down to my mid-thighs. I can provide measurements if you guys need it, because this really isn't a Small Jersey per-se. 90$ on paypal + 4%. You pay first, of course. For trades, I'm looking for a Diamond Supply co. Cassie Crewneck/t-shirt (smoke rings) or Diamond Supply co. Paris T-shirt + money or other items. If you have other cool stuff I might be interested in, just PM me and we can discuss it. I live in the Bay Area if you are looking for meetups. I also have no references, unfortunately, as I am new to the Hypebeast forums/selling online, but I'd love for one of you to be my first buyer! [Image]

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Geometrick (POLL)

Have any of you heard of Geometrick? I was in Paris like I am every summer, and I was walking past a shop when I spotted a few Hype means Nothing t-shirts. However, they were too expensive, but this t-shirt got my eye and I immediately copped it. The designer is coming in with a new line for fall, so I wanted to give all you guys a heads-up on a pretty sick new brand on the up in up in Europe. [Image]

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(WTB) Looking For: Diamond Supply Co Apparel (Cassie Ventura/Paris) SMALL

Hey guys, I'm looking for a Cassie Ventura x Diamond Supply Co (Smoke Rings) (MEDIUM OR SMALL) AND a Diamond Supply Co Paris tee or crewneck sweatshirt in Small (medium will be accepted as a last resort). Color doesn't matter too much but I prefer Black or Grey over White. Thanks Links to see the types I want: http://i.ebayimg.com/t/DIAMOND-SUPPLY-CO-X-CASSIE-SMOKE-RING-CREWNECK-HEATHER-GREY-X-LARGE-/00/s/MTI1NlgxNjAw/$(KGrHqRHJCwE9!RbZcqHBPQGB(UhJg~~60_12.JPG http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/1/7/0/5/0/8/5/webimg/587750570_o.jpg

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