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Check it out (short vid)

Me and a friend were bored one day and decided to film something. We will be making some more hopefully with different ideas. Let me know your thoughts, keep in mind this is only a few hours worth of work we plan to make something with more depth like a scary movie or action spoof  [Embed content]

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Battle of the beast vol. do you even skate bro?

For anyone who actually likes to patinar. post up videos you and friends made, lines, runs etc i know some dudes on her can actually rip seen someone foot in supreme thread last year. excuse the sketchyness I suck [Embed content] Ill patiently wait for fibrelights run that I don't expect to ever see

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On the real Vol. hobbies

So I've always wondered some dudes look like they live on this site, what are some of your guys hobbies that you do when not on hb, working or at school? What you guys good at besides buying expensive clothes and dressing nicely?

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OFFICIAL we want the yung gawd back VOL. WEHATELONDON

so this is going to be my 666th post and i wanted to use the demonic forces in the right way. who here with me thinks london should be able to get his og account back. you gave john his back and dude isnt close to being as funny as london, plus johns constant posts and threads were pointless. WE WANT WEHATELONDON BACK! [URL]

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Pickup agreement: suprememilk and SILVIODANTE

SILVIODANTE agrees to pick up a brown speckle beanie from supreme la and sell to me for the price of the beanie, 5 dollars and shipping costs. Thread is just to show he agrees with the deal

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Highschool classmates Vol. fucked their life's up

Lol so basically came across this, two dudes I went to highschool with graduated same year as me and had classes with both. Never really liked them found them to be annoying, both played football which I guess made them think they were bad asses. Funny shit http://www.sfgate.com/crime/article/Off-duty-guard-nabbed-in-break-in-at-old-Facebook-3894337.php#photo-3507271

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has anybody heard of this?

So I was going through the hiring process with America tire co and says after background check and drug test I'd be good to go, hands me drug form and directions but does not tell me to go immediately. I go 2 days later because I had some stuff to take care of and no I do not use drugs and haven't smoked for awhile, well I take the test then get a call a few days later from guy who was hiring me asks why I didn't take the test immediately I reply I wasn't told that was required and had some things to take care of then he tells me well it just looks suspicious so we won't be hiring you. In previous jobs I never took the test immediately and was never a problem, anyone have this happen to them or someone they know? I was even recommended by a friend who works there and his parents know the manager

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WTB!!!! Supreme new era 7 1/2 and 5 panels!!! Money ready!

Looking for: New era caps in black or grey maybe navy 5 panels kaws/predator/motion/playboy in black, offer other colors Let me know what you have! Moneys ready! Let's make this quick

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FS/FT Supreme black Foulard

I have here a DeadStock black foulard, really looking to trade for red box realtree but offer up other supreme. $80 obo not really looking to sell, leaning towards trades! [Image]

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