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Clarks Desert Boots Sizing

Just a short note about a new pair of beeswax Clarks. Because of only two pair of eyelets, there is a tendency to slip in the heel area. I decided to add another pair of eyelets. I first scribed a faint line on the leather with a dull screw-driver blade through the two eyelets toward the upper end of the boot. I then measured the distance between the two eylets, center to center. It is 3/4 of an inch. I marked a point of this distance further up the boot on the line and did this on the other side, also. Repeated on second boot. Using a hole punch designed for leather, I created two new holes in each boot. I went to a local hobby shop and purchase a small grommet setting kit with a pack of grommets. This was about $9. I placed a grommet in each pre-punched hole and I was finished. When I tried the boot on, it fit much tighter at the ankle and no-longer slipped. This can all be done at home or by your local shoe repair shop. cheers, Marty

2 Weeks ago in Footwear