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Microsoft Office

Anyone know where to get it free aside from torrents? My trial ran out and had to reformat so I don't have my copy on hand anymore.

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Parents and Religion

tthanks to anyone who actually reads this and helps me with my rant i need hb's input. so like my parents are pretty religious people, more than ever right now tho. i've always been religious as well, but to a certain extent. i've been raised this way so i was kinda used to it i guess. don't get me wrong tho, i do believe in god and all of that. my issue is with everything else. it's my freshman year of college and i'm honestly just planning on living it up, but my mom calls me every week and expects me to come home every weekend for church and random ass stuff like retreats or whatever. is it wrong that i dont enjoy going to these gatherings? i would rather spend my weekend here. and is it wrong that i would rather just go to church every 2 to 3 weeks? it feels like such a drag, and i know if i were really religious i shouldn't be feeling this way, but i do. im gonna have to tell my parents this some time in the future, so i was jsut wondering what is the best way to go about it? like theyre expecting me to come home this weekend for a youth trip thing, but it's a three day weekend here and i plan on doing my own ish. how should i tell my parents this? what points should i bring up? i've been dealing with this pretty well over the past year, but it's at a point where i can't fake enjoying it anymore, so whats the best way to go about this situation? spark notes; -parents religious -i believe in god etc. etc. -do not enjoy going to church EVERY weekend, feels like a drag -would rather stay here at college then chill with church people like retreats -how to tell parents this? -been actin like i enjoy it for a long ass time.

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Heroes of Newerth

anyone beta testing??

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Personal Statements

gonna apply to college soon and i need some help on my personal statements. here are this years prompts: Prompt #1 (freshman applicants) Describe the world you come from

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socal area

anyone any stores in socal, like LA or SD, that sells some decent denim? (like naked&famous, nudies, apc) some type of raw denim i can buy in the price range of 100-150ish. if you guys know anything please let me knowsss

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Essay Help

YO HELP ME WITH THIS ESSAY PROMPT FOR APUS! it's a DBQ, but I just need some outside facts to support my thesis. prompt: it was the strength of the opposition forces, both liberal and conservative, rather than the ineptitude and stubborness of President Wilson that led to the senate defeat of the Treaty of Versailles. Use info from 1917-1921 to assess the validity of the statement. HELP ME HB I LOVE U

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hi hb ! sorry if this has been brought up already! buttt, i've had my ears pierced for roughly 7-8 weeks? 2 weeks ago i sized one size up from 18g to a 16g (yeah i know not that much!). i was just wondering, when's a good time for me to take out my new earrings? my left ear is infected i'm pretty sure, its starting to heal now tho. oh and yesterday my right earrings slipped out while i was cleaning it and when i put it back in a some blood and lymph came out. So qeustion is, whens a good time to take out my earring so i can clean the back? cuz im sure i got some gunk on the back part of my earring. TANKS!

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hello hb! i was just wondering what week # i could take my earrings out and change them with a different pair. I got mine pierced on may 24th, so thats roughly almost 2 weeks. they don't really hurt right now, i twist them fine with no pain at all. thanks for the help!

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Decent Denim?

hello all. i'm fairly new to the denim world. i had a few questions. are there any fairly cheap denim taht range in the price of 50-100$ ? my cousin referred to Cheap mondays which I will def. check out. anywhere I can get those except urban outfitters? (no online stores btw) Also, right now i'm wearing 511 Levi's. if there are any other brands than these two, please help!

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