HipHopDX contest - Win $100 worth of Rocksmith Clothing

[Image] HipHopDX just launched a contest to win $100 worth of clothing from Rocksmith plus tickets to see Ain't No Love ([URL] [Embed content]

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SXSW - Ain't No Love - SHINE

i know! it creeps around so quickly each year... can't wait though! you heading to austin for it?

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SXSW - Ain't No Love - SHINE

new video launched yesterday by Ain't No Love, the electro/hiphop/pop quartet from Canada... they're showcasing at SXSW this year [Embed content]

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Good Books

[Quote] agreed, all great books... Ham On Rye tops the list for me though two books i'd like to suggest for anybody who might be into some non-fiction are: Howard Zinn - A People's History of the USA (IMO this should be required reading for students in America's high schools) [Image]

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What are you listening to?

Let's see, here's what I've been listening to as of late: 1. [b]The Sheepdogs[/b]... This rock band from Saskatchewan, Canada won a contest and got onto the cover of Rolling Stone magazine not too long ago, then they opened up for Kings of Leon on their Canadian tour dates. Was lucky to get 1 of 20 remaining tickets for their sold out show here in Montreal a few days ago! Their music makes you feel like you've been transplanted back into the late 1960s [URL] one of my favorite songs by them is called Learn & Burn off their latest full length [Embed content]

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new crew emerging from montreal/toronto... one producer, one female singer, two male MCs they dropped a self-titled EP recently: [URL] and here's a video of one of the songs on that album: [Embed content] thoughts?

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Fur hooded winter jackets

depends where you're living, but if ice cold weather is a reality you'll wish you got the canada goose instead of the north face p.s. i never understand how some mens are wearing these low cut bomber winter jackets. looking like girls at high school dances walking around showing their midriff... get a real, practical winter jacket if you really need one.

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Grammy Nominees released

Skrillex being nominated for best new artist is pretty monumental for the dub-step genre... i guess you could say that it has now officially landed on US soil!

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OFFICIAL Show us your whip!

this is what i'm rolling in... picture was taken on the way down the shafer trail in canyonlands, utah [Image]

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Official NBA Discusion Thread

can't wait to see all the die hard magic fans pledge their allegiance to wherever dwight goes

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