Xbox 360: Gamertag Thread

Hi! Guys, I've been playing Dragona for quite a while now and It just happened that I bumped into this game while I was using Google for new Free to Play MMORPG. Actually I started Playing Dragona Korea due to curiousness, why? I saw their gameplay and graphics at YouTube. Actually I did a research about this game and it was awesome. It's like WOW combined with Aion with more additives like Dragon Transformations and more. Also what intrigues me most that made me play this game is the Battle style, why? I think this game is build for battle since they have different type’s ob battle systems like Battle of Celebration and Battle of Death, that is held hourly and it’s your choice if you join it. Also they have a PK system starting at lv 23. My friends and I tried to PK players however we were the ones killed ha-ha.. It’s also your choice if you PK and there are many consequences. Anyway since i can’t understand Korean I found out that there was an English version of Dragona and my friends and I moved there to learn more. The most intriguing part was the new Castle Siege wherein Guilds battle each other in one goal and that is to win a amazing prize like LB-Ezulan Mount and Ezulan Amaranthis Full Transformation. Official Dragona Global Site:

2 Weeks ago in Gaming