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N.D.C. Christophe R. EU 40.5

I am selling these N.D.C. Christophe R in  kudu thick leather, chocolate brown. I got them from YOOX.  Almost new condition, I worn them 2 times. Marked size is EU 40.5. Pretty much true to size, fits like UK7. Asking for 130 dollars [Image]

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I am selling this Boss dresscoat in a nice Colombo wool/cashmere fabric. Model "The Neon" in Size US 40R/ EU 50. Slim fit. Retail price is 800 dollars. Brand new without wear, Its´s been in the closet untill I have realized is a bit big for me, I am usually a 38. The fabric is  85% wool and 15% Cashmere. For reference this is the same model in Boss website, mine has one pocket in each side [URL] [Image]

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Any experience with this? what´s the quality like? http://www.bomboogie.it/

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chainstitching at SelfEdge

Hello to everybody Does anyone has experience getting his jeans hemmed at SE? Does it look like is coming from the factory? I want to order some jeans and I dont really like to cuff then, but I hate when the femming dont look right. I know thiese guys are great proffesionals but I had many bad experiences on this thing in the past with local tailors and shops etc., I just need to ask. kind regards

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chainstitching at the store

Hello again how is the chainstiching result in BIG and SE? do they look like they could straight from the factory? I know these shops are great proffesionals but I am just wondering. In the past I have had very bad experiences on this subjet with local tailors etc. doing just a regular hem, the job always looked awfull. best regards

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Japanese denim brands quality

Hello I am totally new to japanese and raw denim, I been looking to the wohle offer at selfedge andBig and of course I have seen a lot of models that I like and eventually will buy. At those prices I am worred about the quality, I dont want to spend that money for an average quality pair of jeans. So I would like to ask about this Besides the design and the fading, do you buy also quality jeans and better quality that Levis, Diesel, lee E, Sewn etc. Is there a big diffrence in that sense? I guess between the japanese some brand will have more quality than otheres. Flathead, Iron heart or Momotaro look pretty good to me, am i wrong? what about Pure Blue Japan, Skull, Real Japan Blues and Somet? those are the other brands I am interested, any other recommendation? I know this is a lot of questions, I been going through different threads but is difficult to find a clear answer for this. Any input would be very much appreciated best regards

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