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NYC shops

Hey guys, I'm gonna be heading to NYC next week and was thinking of picking up a CDG PLAY polo. Is there usually stock available at the NYC location? How much do they typically retail? I tried to pick one up in Tokyo in the summer but they were sold out of all the colours except that ugly white/green.. Also, does anyone know how much a pair of Dior 19cm MIJ's are at Barney's/Sak's/DH Boutique? Thanks

2 Weeks ago in United States

CDG Wonderwood in Japan/HK

Does anyone know how much the Wonderwood fragrance costs in HK or Japan?

2 Weeks ago in Japan

CDG: Wonderwood Fragrance

Does anyone know where I could get this and how much it is locally? I can only think of Nomad, but not sure of their price... anywhere else?

2 Weeks ago in Canada

CDG in Tokyo

Hey guys, I'm gonna be headed to Tokyo in the summer and was thinking of just picking up a CDG PLAY polo while I'm there, but wanted to approximately how much they are or if they are cheaper than at the CDG store in HK?

2 Weeks ago in Asia

Milllyyyyy ! Art & Photography!?

where are you ~ if the position is opne i'd like to apply smokeyface

2 Weeks ago in Photography

Stop Motion in Stop Motion!

[URL] So cool haha

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

Its Official!!! Canon 5dii!

holy shit i drooled so much i almost drowned.. im gonna spam some links now: [URL] shittttttttttt

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

Let It Ride with an SB Account?

has anyone been to this store before? i was just on the nikesb site and searched for retailers and this store came up... it hasn't before so i assume the store only recently got the account... has anyone been there? good selection/price? i might be heading to the beach this weekend and wasnt sure if i should go check it out or not any help appreciated

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Showroom in Kuala Lampur

My friend is currently in Kuala Lampur and im looking to see if he can cop a pair of the SBTG x Nike dunk lo's... first of all, im not sure if they will be even dropping in malaysia, but i was wondering if the store [B]Showroom[/B] is legit.... here is the link to the store: [URL]

2 Weeks ago in Asia

TIFFS v.2?!

[Image] whoa... tiff version 2.

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Grandism and Canada?

does anyone know if I buy a pair of kicks off grandism, if they have to apply the 15% tax i get in Ontario? sorry if this is in the wrong section

2 Weeks ago in Canada