[Image] Gus Van Sant's movie about Harvey Milk, the first openly gay politican elected into office who was later assasinated. [B]Cast[/B] Sean Penn as Harvey Milk Emile Hirsch as Cleve Jones James Franco as Scott Smith Josh Brolin as Dan White Diego Luna as Jack Lira [URL] From the trailer this looks like Oscar winning material, from the cast to the director, I think this movie is gonna be really good. Thoughts?

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Happy Birthday Tomxkaws!

i doubt he'll read this, but it's the thought that counts right? have a good one you fackin slag ;) &)&) [Image]

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Google Chrome

[Image] (jacked Opera's speed-dial) Yep, to add to IE, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and the others, Google has now entered the race with the 'Chrome' browser, bases on webkit (same as safari). It should be available for testing very soon or by the time you've seen this thread. Well to me it seems Google are really going all out tapping into a lot of projects. It's a good thing I guess, competition is good for the customers as we'll see better products. But Mozilla must be a bit anxious condsidering google have been one of Firefox's biggest supporters, Google have also apparently signed on to help out mozilla til 2011 so this is a bit odd. [URL]

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RoboCop (2010)

[CENTER][Image][/CENTER] Ignoring the fucking shit glowing visor and whatnot, Darren Arafonsky is helming this new project (Robo's back yeeeee!) but after initial rumours of it being a sequel, it actually may be a reboot (boooo!) Quotation on the matter: [URL] [I]Asked where in the series the fourth film would fall, whether it would come after the first, second or third films in the series' internal universe, Fischer and Medavoy were adamant that it would stand on its own, apart from the character's earlier incarnations. "None of [the earlier films are] going to be canonical, as a matter of fact," Fischer revealed. "I wouldn't say it's a direct sequel." "Definitely not a sequel," Medavoy added, saying he preferred the term "reimagining."[/I] *but it seems they're going for an R-rating, which is good news at least.

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

[URL] Looks pretty good, and GAMBIT IS IN IT WOOO >smh From the title (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) I presume there's going to be a bunch of these including Magneto..

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smokeyfacesmokeyface (bootleg teaser from ComicCon) [URL] Description if you can't make out the trailer: [Quote] Tron was one my favourite movies growing up, and the teaser actually looks pretty good! Jeff Bridges on board to boot! smokeyfacesmokeyface Don't know wtf is up with young flynn too though, should be fun though. &)

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Star Trek (2009)

[CENTER][Image][/CENTER] A chronicle of the early days of James T. Kirk and his fellow USS Enterprise crew members. JJ Abrams' next project slated for the 8th May 2009. Anyone interested? Quinto looks exactly like Spock, spot on.

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Hellboy II: The Golden Army

[CENTER][Image][/CENTER] Yeah, so this has been neglected but so far the Guillermo Del Toro opus has had some amazing reviews, great movie to complement The Dark Knight you would think. Anyone Looking forward to this?

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Opera 9.5


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Baby Poppa

[CENTER][Image][/CENTER] Discuss

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Kung Fu Panda

Anyone else seen it yet? [Image] Short and sweet, enjoyed it. Some bit are laugh out loud funny (particularly one slow-motion bit) - but the supporting cast was definitely underused, and apparantly Jolie is the voice of Tigress, doesn't sound like her at all :s.

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A new take on 'Nude' by Radiohead..

[Quote] [URL] Absolutely Fan-fucking-tastic.

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Iron Heart


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People's Champ


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Baby beastin (not like that) in here.

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