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Serious Question

Wtf is so exclusive about someonetalked!? Who's a member there? Please respond..

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[WTB] Uniqlo Mountain Parka

I'm looking for a uniqlo mountain parka, size large. I need it in olive or black colorway. Thank you!

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He's Alive

C(hyphen)Styles is alive people!! http://hypebeast.com/forums/general-fashion-discussion/the-featuring-c-styles-mixtape-is-now-out-for-free-download/?topic_page=1#post-3230171 [Image]

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how do y'all hb niggas feel about internships? should i start doing internships during my undergrad or wait until i get my degree then be an intern for a year or two before starting a career? i feel like i'm too busy to go to school full time, work part time and do an internship all at once. i know i could just quit my part time job and just go to school full time and be an intern part time but i don't really want to quit my job that i have had for about 4.5 years. what have y'all niggas done or plan on doing? i'm in a dilemma hb bros.

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sHairy Food?

Idk why but I'm always the one that has to find a hair in my food. Whether I'm home or eating out. Does this shit mean something? Some voodoo shit??? I'm mad a ♥♥♥♥♥ like me came home from work and was about to get my feast on and what do I find??? A damn hair in my food. inb4coolstorybro

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Where y'all accountant majors at?

A Corporation reported the following information for the month of October 2011: Direct materials used in production - $85,000 Manufacturing overhead costs - $62,000 General and administrative expenses - $75,000 Interest expense - $11,000 Direct labor - $52,000 Selling expenses - $65,000 Inventories for 10/31/11: Raw materials inventory - $32,000 Work in-process inventory - $11,000 Finished goods inventory - $25,000 Inventories for 9/30/11: Raw materials inventory - $34,000 Work in-process inventory - $13,000 Finished goods inventory - $27,000 Calculate: 1. Total prime costs during October 2011. 2. Total conversion costs during October 2011. 3. Total of the product costs reported by the company in its GAAP balance sheet at October 31, 2011. 4. Amount of cost of goods manufactured reported for October 2011. 5. Amount of cost of goods sold reported for October 2011. Help a hypebeast brotha out!!

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Am I doing something wrong? Vol. long showers

My whole family says I take way too long in the shower. I take about 35-40 minutes, regularly. Now tell me, how long is a normal shower? and of course, [Image]

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Why was my FS thread deleted?

[URL] edit: nevermind, just read the rules and found out what i did wrong. i forgot to tag pictures and was selling for my girlfriend. sorry about that, wont do it again.

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VNDS Air Jordan Fire Red 5s

- PayPal only. Add 4% for fee or send as a gift. - Open to offers, PM me. Size 5, are my girl's but are too big on her. 9.5/10 condition. $100. [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Sneakers

This shit kreay Vol. Kreayshawn

[URL] [Image]

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- PayPal only add 4% for fee or send as a gift. - Open to offers, PM me. Supreme Benefit T-Shirt (L). Worn once lightly - $55 [Image]

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This ♥♥♥♥♥ kept it real!

[URL] [Image] no homo doe.

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Lil Poopy

[URL] dat lil' poopy swag.

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Any business students out there? Help a brotha out.

A portfolio manager for a mutual fund company is strategizing for the next calendar year. After careful analysis, she has identified the following stocks as candidates for inclusion in her portfolio this year. Risk Estimated Investment Category: Stock Price/Share Classification Dividend/Share Annual Growth Banks/Financial 1 $50 1 $2.50 5% 2 $60 1 $2.75 6% 3 $80 2 $4.00 7.5% 4 $30 3 none 4% Energy 5 $75 2 $3.00 10% 6 $125 1 $4.50 8% 7 $250 3 none 20% Consumer Staples 8 $25 1 $.80 5% 9 $40 1 $1.25 6% 10 $90 2 $.50 15% Health Care 11 $55 1 $1.40 7% 12 $120 1 $3.00 8% 13 $200 1 $4.75 10% Telecommunications 14 $70 2 $2.00 5.5% 15 $100 3 $0.50 15% Info Technology 16 $130 1 $1.40 12.5% 17 $150 1 $1.00 10% 18 $50 1 $0.70 15% Utilities 19 $40 1 $2.40 5% 20 $54 1 $3.00 4% The risk classifications are (1) = low risk, (2) = moderate risk, and (3) high risk. The portfolio manager wants to determine the number of shares of each stock to purchase. The

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Wide Feet

Does anyone else have this problem? I have wide ass feet and it makes my shoes stretch the fuck out on the sides. I hate it! Anyone else out there with me on this?

2 Weeks ago in Footwear