The Official Relationship, Dating, or Talking Problems/Questions Thread

I've been dating a girl for about 3 months, but I'm about to leave for college in 3 weeks to start my freshman year. Should we try staying together? My college is about 3 hours away and I'm gonna come back one weekend per month to visit. Any thoughts would be appreciated

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[The Hundreds] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread

what will the prices on the hundreds x benny gold stuff be?

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[FS] Ronin Hellhounds, HUF, Levis, Diamond, Evisu, Herschel, More. (S-M, 28-31).

can i have better pics of the hoody

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[Quote] Hah get outta here don't be salty The Heist hit #1 on top albums over Jay Z's.

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Uniqlos are great

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