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Soccer thread

So I noticed there has been a lot of soccer discussion (I know its called football, Im from Sweden. But these yanks doesn't understand if we dont call it soccer) in the WDYWT and pickup thread lately so I thought I'd start a thread for all the soccer discussion and continue some of the discussion from the other threads. [Quote] I cant say nothing against that. But what happened in Rome? Man U wasn't as lucky that match. Man U deserved to win that match but the result wasn't fair at all. And for all the other discussion in this thread. We got any true fans in here? That watch every game every week? What's your favorite team? Favorite player? Best player in the world? Im as you maybe noticed a huge As Roma fan and Totti is my favorite player. I'd have to give the best in world title to C.Ronaldo with Totti as a close runner-up. He is way underrated.

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AF1 high all white/all black?

Do they make all white/all black AF1 highs anymore? The only place I've seen them are on PYS and they are sold out. I live in Sweden so I haven't seen them in any stores around here. Any stores have them in the U.S?

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I need a hookup...

Im thinking of ordering a Penfield jacket from revolveclothing.com, but instead of having them ship it directly to me (Sweden) and pay like 115$ in customs and taxes I was hoping someone in the US could pick one up for me and the mail it to me. Of course I'll pay you for the trouble.

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