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WDYWT: December 2008 (PICS ONLY Edition)

Been a good while since I've been on HB. Food then Kick-It. Beautiful 65 degree weather in Atlanta... Pardon the cell phone pics please. [Image] Hat- Black/Black NY Shirt- Bang-On (Custom Made) Jeans- Levis Kicks- Adidas

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I got locked out my house

^Someone actually said that? SMH... And I've never tried to not crease my kicks because my foot was always bigger than most people my age so after a while I really stopped caring.

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New facebook sucks

Just changed my myspace name earlier today to "Bones hasn't updated this since 06 and still wont". Facebook is where its at. I have the choice to go back to the old FB but there is no point since its gonna become a more permanent thing (new FB) in a few months. I would keep the old one hands down though.

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Back To L.A.

Shit I remember your threads about this. How did you convince her?

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Where Were You on 9/11?

^Truth. I was in Science class in JHS and I saw the second plane before it hit. I was like "There's another one coming over there" and then right into the building it went.

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do BLOODS wear BLUE jeans?

[Quote] QFT. Gang relations has definitely changed since OG times. Only thing color wise you can't do in terms of clothing of gear with flagging on it.

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AFJROTC Discussion

I was in JROTC in elementary and part of JHS but then I encountered drugs and gangs and it steered me too far away to continue to pursue it. It was a good experience do, I still have the tendency to follow orders if I'm walking by a squad practicing. Kinda scary now that I think about it...

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Atlanta Shops

Thats all lies! I was tryin to get a meet-up going for a minute but we never got coordinated enough to do it. When someone really gets everyone to settle on something holla at me and hopefully I'm not working like a dog...

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Hood *****z in Brooklyn make a citizens arrest

Makes me miss home so much...

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Do You Eat Pussy?

There is but little reason I won't go down on a chick, but for the most part eating a woman out is enjoyable by me. And as kdiddy said, if you don't do it someone else will.

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McCain chooses a woman as his vp. Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

Politics this season is the newest form of a National Geographic Documentary...

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'*' Your Current Object of DESIRE. What is it?

3 bricks of pure white or Columbian cut. And some NYC style chinese food.

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If you're good at lying, come in this thread!

[Quote] Thought something similar myself. Here's a lie for you. Combination of things so far. Say at first you had a little trouble finding the class room (which is true), but before you decided to go in you had still felt a little nauseous from earlier so you went to the bathroom thinkin it was gonna be real quick and ended up spitting up but not throwing up fully, so to avoid embarrassing yourself and throwin up on the class you tried to wait it out and school just so happened to finish, so you went home right after. Then apologize and say that you took something and with the rest you got you think your past it and be on your way. Main thing though is to go to your counselor before he or she gets to you first, that way it seems more innocent. Best of luck, I never really had issues w/ skipping class, just did it and kept it moving, but I understand that sometimes you need to hadle things more diplomatically.

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Road Test !!!!

Well its too late to wish you luck but let us know how you did... I have to re-take mines soon too. (Got my license revoked last year, but I've moved out of state.) Passed my first test which was manual but idk if I can do automatic as easy, I hear that simple things like having my hand on the shifter or my other foot on the brake will be an auto-fail.

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Went to a burlesque night... [pics]

[Quote] Out of all my years being a puertotalian myself, I've never come across someone callin us that. Don't know how I feel about all that. Bank on topic, idk if I would have payed for that show...

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