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A dear, a female dear? (add your own...)

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Christian Bale goes off on set to a crew member...

[URL] Bale goes off on the set of the new Terminator movie, and gives it to the DP (director of photography) for about 4 mins.... Edit: NSFW, Bale really GOES off...

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The Mr. Chi City Christmas Give-Away...

Deserved its own thread... [URL] He's spreading that Christmas joy!

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The Official I Voted Thread...

I voted how about you?

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You know we chop up these bitches...

[Image] [b] YOU KNOW WE CHOP UP THESE BITCHES!!! [/B] Basically some dude off of OKP went off on a drunk rant on the message board, so a member took the post and made a video impersonating it - now the phrase and video is now making its rounds across the net... Shit is hilarious. Link to original post: [URL] Lmao, contribute...

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Unbelievable Bank Robbery...

Worth the read... ([URL] MONROE, Wash.

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Kanye, Consequence, Big Sean, Kid Cudi & Qtip live at Knitting Factory last night...

[URL] ^ Consequence performing classics... brings out Q-Tip and plays classic Tribe (Stressed Out, Check The Rhime & Stressed Out), Q also performs his new track Gettin' Up

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What do Kermit The Frog & Christian Bale have in common?

So i was browsing blogs, and I came across this... and I'm just dying at all the similar pics. It's pretty nuts Some are really good... Examples: [Image] Theres a ton more on the site... enjoy & discuss [URL] Edit: Add your favorites... it gets a lot better as you scroll down, seriously good shit. Lol

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Kid smacks momz...

[URL] Endless lulz... May be old to some Oh well

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Apparently, Hitler loves Twitter

[URL] who knew? Lol

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What's your current living conditions?

Pick from above...

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Joe Budden - "Who" (Killed It?) Part 1

Don't know why this hasn't been posted yet, but new Joe Budden Joint is crazy [URL] Discuss

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I feel like..

People try to overanalyze music sometimes just to prove a point, instead of just letting it be what it is... and that is music. I understand we all have opinions & diff types... but I feel like sometimes people feel the NEED to go against the grace just to make themselves feel superior. (In terms of in everyday life & online) Just appreciate that their is still quality music left, cause it could be a whole lot worse. Forreal *End rant*

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Nas ft. Keri Hilson - "Hero" music video!

[URL] Joint is fuegooooo Esco, LETS GOOOO

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This is seriously hilarious...

Lmaooo [URL] The Barack & George Bush impersonation are spot on... Hilary coulda been better tho. Lmao at the answers

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