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Looking for/Where to find Discussion Thread

This a Huf shirt, it's apart of the 2009 Fall collection, saw one on ebay a few weeks back, and knew I had to have it. But I can't find it, no matter how hard I look, anyone know where I could get one? [Image]

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Do You Think Obama Is Doing A Good Job?

He's a black guy, so lot's of so called easily offended racial people are happy, mostly black people seriously let's be honest. I'm a high school student, so I don't really pay attention to politics, but how bout that health care yeah?

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Windows 7 Whopper!!!....sweet baby jesus

Damn when he took a bite of that, you see all the grease or whatever that liquid that's dripping down? That's fucking disgusting.

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How to Pee W/ Morning Wood

Strong Arming, and planking. HAHAHHA at superman, I'd fucking die laughing if someone did that at my house and they shattered the porcelain toilet.

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Who's more annoying hipsters or hypebeasts?

Sheep following the herd?

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Hong kong big questions ! SHOPPING Qs.

I'd recommend a tour guide.

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Step on in and help a brotha out....

She is so very hot, and I got a thing for her accent. Thanks for name, and some pics...

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ID Kid Cudi Cap

Hats a lil old, cause I saw this freestyle awhile ago, but yeah, what Art said. Sorry I felt the need to comment on this sick spit.

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Law abiding Citizen

Going to see this tomorrow.

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This is why i hate my race, this video explains it

It's seems grotesque and inhuman, not worse I've seen, I've seen more horrible things, but things like this happen all the time....

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I hate eminem

You know he's working on a another album right? On relapse I think it was, or somewhere there's a track where he is talking with a producer and hands him TWO albums, relapse and the other album, relapse isn't as good it's going to get, but I heard the other album is hot.

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^ What he said.

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Folding T Shirts

Thanks for videos I'll give it a go.

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Turn it to CNN, theres a boy stuck in a balloon!

Bet kid was just inside watching T.V. and the parents just forgot to tie down the balloon, and thought "Oh No The Ballon Is Flying Away Therefore Our Kids In There!". Hahah bad parents.

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250gb ps3

Can't you just buy the bigger HD, then replace it? I'm not up-to-date on the newer Ps3s' only have a older one, all I did was buy a bigger HD then switch mine for it. Maybe you can't either way that sucks for you, maybe you could buy the new 250gb then just switch it with the 120gb you have now, and return it? Of course switching stickers ect, but buying it from a place that doesn't care like kmart or something.

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