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would u buy any of these?

Wouldn't buy any of them :/ The designs just don't look particularly considered or professionally designed.

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Beats Beats BEATS!!!!

[Quote] ^ Really sick beat. Gonna have a listen to the rest of your stuff

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I've got Adidas Originals track pants. Tapered fit, Elasticated and zipped at ankle, zip pockets etc..

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Starting an Internet Boutique

If you're thinking of a redesign in the future I'd suggest toning it down a lot. There are a few interesting elements but I think theirs too much all going on at once. Also have a look getting more of a custom shopping cart system, something more appealing to use. Have a look at stores like flatspot or oki-ni for inspiration maybe.

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Post your Flickr


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The BlackBook Thread

Scan from my sketchbook. Nothing serious, just having a mess around with different ideas. [Image]

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Altering a polo

Altered? In what way?

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Stores in Madrid, Spain...

I'm in Madrid quite a lot, so It's something I'd be really interested in finding out too. But if you're around the centre you should go up Calle de Fuencarral. Its just of Gran Via. It's full of the little boutiques to Adidas Originals. Also, I found a small boutique on one of the pedestrianised streets around Puerta del Sol. Think it was called Vandido, stocked Alife, Crooks&Castles.. etc

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