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[Clique Garments] OFFICIAL THREAD

That's pretty and not really expensive. But we already saw that !

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SWAG in Paris?

Hello i'm from Paris and i can give you some adress to visit. Starcow (Rue St Honoré) : 2 shop where you can find almost everything you're looking for Between these shop you can find a Carharrt Shop and in front of, there is a Vans shop. You can visit the "Rue Tiquetonne" near "Etienne Marcel" my favorite hood in Paris, only people with the same hobbies u know ? In this street there is "French Californians" which sell some TopShop or Obey things. There is also "Royal Cheese" with Penfield, Cheep Monday... And explore the rest of the hood to find some goods. You should also visit Bastille and his hood ;) Sorry for my English

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